These are my cyberpunk watermelons.
What make them so cyberpunk you may ask?

They listen to a lot of synthwave. 😎

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“Looks like you are offline” ≠ turned off

You don't even have an interactive main content but only text and pictures!

So a dev writes a blog post about “Fast : Competing with C at parsing XML”¹ but returns 404 for the feed url² advertised on his site³.

Yeah, true, the fastest XML parsing is when there is no XML to parse⸮. Eh, those clever Haskell folks.


“It looks like that YouTube shipped a new obfuscated JS player” ―

Without youtube-dl I will stop using . That’s all.
The last stronghold of Google in my dominion.

That feeling when with over 2k tabs is not the biggest memory hog on your system.

$ ps ax -o pid,rss,cmd --sort -rss |head -3
1428 1529340 /nix/store/pnaj6pw00d97q7k8cj3abcbrznklx5i5-emacs-26.1/bin/.-wrapped
3270 1453268 /nix/store/a0f5qq4hlnr8g1m6la3wh9y08qv5q4n0-firefox-unwrapped-61.0.2/bin/.firefox-wrapped

Me on the federated timeline.
ᴺᵃʰ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵏⁱᵈᵈⁱⁿ’

This is how modern web (i.e. ) looks like:

• no javascript
• no spying
• no browser

You just need some old tech from ‘80 ―  in this case.

“Haskell library licenses is approximately:

BSD-3-Clause: 67%
MIT: 20%
Apache-2.0: < 2%”

*For me* this is the biggest flaw in ecosystem. 🤭

(Some folks are even surprised that now commercial entities try to dictate how Haskell ecosystem should look like. I call them Stuckers. Cute name.)

Please, consider using reciprocal licenses to resist Big Corp. Look how Google is allergic to AGPL. This shit works folks. Use it.

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