“In summary, it is possible to make C code run quickly but only by spending thousands of person-years building a sufficiently smart compiler—and even then, only if you violate some of the language rules. Compiler writers let C programmers pretend that they are writing code that is "close to the metal" but must then generate machine code that has very different behavior if they want C programmers to keep believing that they are using a fast language.” 😹

@mastoabed very interesting!

On a similar note, I'm definitely curious how much simpler and secure CPUs, compilers, and kernels would be if we switched assembly's programming paradigm from procedural to functional.

Also it's worth saying that no matter what CPU designers do, C code will continue to run. The only question is how fast will it run.

@mastoabed that was interesting, and raises some questions I never had thought about before.

Thank you for sharing this article.

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