I'm watching an early episode of , where O'Brien is running around the station trying to repair everything that's breaking down.

Why can't they use transporter beams to repair stuff? If they can scan a working version of a machine, it seems like they should be able to dissolve the non-working one and replace it with a working one at the push of a button.

@morganth replacing things is the trivial part of any repair. The real issue is finding out what is broken any why it’s broken.
Otherwise the new part will break in the same way.

@mastoabed Makes sense, except that he wasn't diagnosing, he was repairing. I guess you could argue that was the actor's fault and the character was meant to be diagnosing? But they don't even mention the possibility of using the transporter in the process.

@morganth in practice there’s no difference between diagnosing and repairing, especially in mechanics. The whole process is messy and it takes days and a lot of taking things apart to find out why eg a fuel pump doesn’t work

Transporting takes energy and requires additional personnel to handle it; at the same time it saves us minuscule amount of time from total repair. Maybe that’s why they don’t even bother to use it

Replacing parts is the easiest thing, the real job is to find out what is wrong and why.


@morganth that’s my personal take on the topic cuz my family member is a professional mechanic. I doubt a transporter would improve their life so much if using it brings additional costs, it’s not effortless, and can help only after we know what is broken and why.

I assume that’s why crew don’t use transporter for trivial and mundane tasks and take a turbo lift anyway. 🤷

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