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OH “I like the word ‘symposium’ because it stems from the Greek word symposion, meaning “drinking together”!”

We are minuscule carbon-based life forms forged in a protoplanetary disk at the dawn of the time.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

The horror of realising I’ve been using ‘right single quotation mark’ (‘’’) where I should have been using ‘modifier letter apostrophe’ (‘ʼ’) but none of the software I use supports the distinction, and the glyphs are the same, so who cares, right? Why do I care about this!? 😱

‘“Organic matter loading by hippopotami causes subsidy overload resulting in downstream hypoxia and fish kills.” To translate: Hippos sometimes poop so much that all the fish choke to death.’

“Their dung consumes the oxygen around it, creating lethal pulses of suffocating water.”


“Olympiodorus of Alexandria, presumably a late pupil of Ammonius Hermeiou, the commentator on Aristotle and teacher of Simplicius and Philoponus, was one of the last pagans to teach philosophy at the school of Alexandria in the 6th century.”

“Science classes teach how the speed of light is incredibly fast, how a signal moving at that speed can travel around the world in an eighth of a second or to the moon and back—a half-million-mile trip—in just two and a half seconds. But for the New Horizons team trying to get their spacecraft back on track as it closed in on Pluto, the great distance between Earth and New Horizons [a nine-hour round-trip radio communication time] made the speed of light seem excruciatingly slow.”

“Removed ligation for `====` and `!===` to prevent various IDEs from crashing.”


⸮ Hot-hyped Security PSA

I have discovered that locks can be picked, so you should remove
all the locks from your doors right now!

If I could convince Mastodon at large of only one thing, it would be this:

if you see someone complaining, DO NOT give them advice.

If someone ASKS for advice, offer it.

But 90% of the time, someone complaining is just venting. They're not telling you the whole story, and they're not receptive to being given advice, because in that mental state, your "good-natured advice" is their "HERE'S HOW YOU'RE DOING THIS WRONG".

Do not respond with advice unless it's asked for.

tells me that “Don’t support HTTPS to login”.

So I need to switch to HTTP.

(And they also use Flash™ for a WebUI…)

Corpo .

🖐 Red Flashlight Sex Toy for Flies 🖑
I should start ICO/Kickstarter right away.