In the grounds of the Kannon temple in Kamakura (Hase-dera 長谷寺) there are hundreds of Jizo statues. Jizo is the guardian of children, and in particular of children who died before their parents. Each one has been put there by mourning parents.
#Japan #photography #mastoart

My #camera is a 7-year-old Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30. I love it because it is light, compact (fits in the palm of my hand, and in my trouser pocket) and takes great pictures.
I mentioned before it has a problem with dirt inside the lens mechanism. I guess many people would just buy a new one but I am delighted that there is still a shop in Glasgow that can #repair it. It will take 2 weeks, meanwhile my also-7-year-old Samsung Galaxy S-II will have to do.

Finally found a positive thing: less drunk Brits on European streets!

“The small town of Malia on the Greek island of Crete is known for its wild parties, cheap liquor shots and “boozy Brits.” In 2013, a record of 18 British nationals were arrested for violent fights in public places, according to data provided by local police.” ―

“For this reason, the software missing the new DNSSEC root key in the configuration will not be able to resolve any data using starting October 11, 2018, and from the point of view of a common user, “the Internet will not work”.”

The Internet will not work. Go home folks.

“Carbon nanotube memory; it sounds so sexy I feel like I should just shut up and not say anything, […] if all of that wasn’t enough, NRAM is also particularly suited for aerospace application because of its alpha particles immunity.”

Is your memory immune to alpha particles?

Reading Nautilus on a one screen and upgrading from Stretch to Buster on the other one (cuz Borg throws at me Python stack traces).

La Dolce Vita!

So many sites now include "test you are not a robot" sections, and so many of those go through Google's services.

I'm concerned this is going to be the new data collection vector since unlike adblocking and analytics blocking, this practically forces you to allow Google to check on your site visit if you want to see anything.

‘[ANNOUNCE] 8.6.1 released’ 🎉 finally I can have a non-segfaulting status bar 🤦

OR “It took my fastest laptop about 36 hours to build the chain of 5 rust
compilers required to get to the latest release, and to build

I'm not a religious person by any means, but there's something about funeral ceremonies that makes it easier for me to accept and come to terms with the loss of a beloved person.

It's also one of those rare moments in life, where the world around you stops turning for just a few minutes, and all your problems and sorrows seem minuscule, almost crushed by the weight of a much, much more significant feeling.

It gives you the chance to stop and re-evaluate life and its meaning for a brief moment.

@alice This is a mix of odd & irksome social-media phenomena. The urge to "protect" some commercial entity is baffling.
Also baffling is the compunction to correct/counter some random stranger's experience or opinion with your own. Reminds me of @pixelatedboat@twitter "The best part of being on this website is being told you’re wrong about whether you enjoyed a thing" It's okay to have different experiences and opinions, people. It's also okay to keep yours to yourself and just listen.

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