"When I didn't have any friends, it made me feel like maybe I did." #Futurama gets to the heart of #StarTrek's importance.

“Oftentimes the drugs he predicted had supernatural abilities, such as Can-D and its competitor Chew-Z in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, which causes users to hallucinate that they have more ideal living conditions and belongings (a criticism of the rabid consumerism of the time)”

Has cybre.space stopped federating with pleroma.site?🤔 I see no updates from them.

I fed over 8,000 CNN Business headlines to a neural net to see which new headlines it would predict.
For some reason, it predicted companies behaving rather badly.


Some SSDs have had their full-disk encryption password be 32 NULL bytes, no matter your input 🤦‍♂️ ru.nl/publish/pages/909282/dra (PDF) #encryption #fail t.co/1XCQWplJv7

Don't let Google News decide which stories you see, control your own news with RSS:


Also, did you know you can follow any Mastodon account through RSS?

Just add ".rss" to the end of the account's address, for example:


#RSS #News #NewsFeeds #DeleteGoogle #DeleteGoogleNews

I accidentally startled my pup from her sleep and now I feel so bad.

"10 Colleagues You’ll Meet During Your Work Life" for Toggl

In the grounds of the Kannon temple in Kamakura (Hase-dera 長谷寺) there are hundreds of Jizo statues. Jizo is the guardian of children, and in particular of children who died before their parents. Each one has been put there by mourning parents.
#Japan #photography #mastoart

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