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Turns out, if you have a mistyped service name in one of your VM configurations (in this case, sys-net, which everything else relies on), it'll just fail to start with a vague and obscure traceback. 🎉

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oh so it does, I'm just colourblind. wonderful accessibility, that.

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One of my Qubes laptops is just refusing to start any VMs besides `sys-usb` with some kind of python unhandled exception to do with qubesdb. fml.

I promise all the pictures I clicked on are definitely taxis and also the only taxis now please let me damned well login

I do wish Mastodon had a `follows you` badge when you're looking at someone's profile.

That would be kinda helpful.

oh I see it's time for more "OMG A MAN HAD A BABY WOOOOOW, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EEEEVER" news articles again. has it been a year already?

give me one good reason to trust python Requests over pycurl. I've been using curl for like 20 years, shut up.


why is it anytime I try to solder something my tremor gets bad? ffs.

I have successfully got Tails working
on QubesOS with persistent storage, fully virtualised (e.g. without requiring a physical USB drive).

It's got a lot of caveats - networking has to be brought up manually, and it doesn't support Qubes' seamless desktop, but it does work, and that means I can delete my fascist whonix templates!

QubesOS as a mental analogy for a plural system... it works. sorta.

another cursed tech idea 

cursed tech idea 

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cursed tech idea 

it feels like no one told all the open source phone manufacturers that they’re not actually legally required to make the same black slabs as everyone else. or that buttons and keys weren’t *actually* made illegal.

"Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" flavoured Larabar sounds so good & is always so disappointing...

My tub of hummus says it’s ok not to be ok.

Could you imagine how different things would be if stuff like hummus and beer and bread said stuff like this 5 years ago? or even as far back as 19 years ago? oy....

According to UPS tracking, the truck is a block away. This is makred as `On the road`, but not `In your area` or `Almost there`.

Is "in my area" -> out front of my house and "almost there" -> "we've parked in your living room"?

I'm afraid to see `delivered`

(and I guess buy a controller, since I don't actually have one...)

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