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I essentially just got bullied out of the @privacytools Matrix channel for - wait for it - having my pronouns in my display name.

And for linking to the code of conduct in response to someone who said that explicit pronouns weren't needed before people decided it was politically correct to make up gender, which is apparently now a minefield.

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While a moderator did eventually step in, their role was to make a point that there is a use to stating pronouns, which there is, but they didn't actually handle the situation that led to my leaving the room. Nor any mention of the code of conduct, nor did anyone reach out afterwards.


it eventually devolved into the usual "they is plural" and "sex and gender are different and you can't change sex" shite as well. which is just.


The ironic thing about being bullied out of this space is that I actually am employed in this sector 😆

The other thing I'd like to point out is that @privacytools *has* a Code of Conduct for their matrix room:

I got shouted at by others for linking to it and pointing out that this counts as intolerance. Mod didn't seem to have anything to say about that either way.

There is *NO POINT* to having a code of conduct if you're not going to enforce it. It just gives people a false sense of security.

(and of course someone tried the tack that code of conducts are a recent thing and weren't necessary til recently and had no real standing til recently. y'know, that argument)


@privacytools there's a reason we're not welcome in so many of these communities; I honestly thought PTIO was above that. But in actuality, it's just reddit on matrix :purplesigh:

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@manicdontpanic @Anarkat this is why I wanna build my own community with because you can’t garuntee and inclusive community unless it’s created by someone that’s not cishet/white/male/neurotypical

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