Mastodon could really do with supporting markdown...

srsly the world just needs a moderately large pile of drop-in cloudflare replacements that aren't awful

like it doesn't solve the MITM issues, that's just a failure of the model, but it could help with the centralisation issues, accessibility, censorship power, etc etc etc

Has anyone noticed that the zombie panda in habitica looks pretttttty glitchy :cybre_glitch:

Someone sell my prepper ass on DMR. I remain unconvinced.

I do not like how much Zoom is the standard right now for gatherings. I know people who don't commonly work remote don't know about all the other options, but like, there are literally dozens of other options, and Zoom is hella dodgy.

why in the hell is it so hard to find a set of switches & maybe some USB ports designed to mount in a single DIN car radio slot?

it seems obvious. am I missing something?


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Hey, uh, politicians and candidates for things: I know you're not used to having to do things by remote video (e.g. virtual town hall, etc), but please PLEASE do not use Facebook or other sites that require viewers to sign up and sign in to make it properly useful?

needs a rent freeze now. Join in on the rent strike! Don’t pay rent April 1st - keep it for your safety and that of your friends and family during this crisis.


More like burn-in. As in I'm in this hole FOREVER. the one website that doesn't have a COVID warning on the front page.

The thing about people panic buying and stockpiling is that they make it harder on people who are *actually* at risk to get essential goods:

- deliveries getting canceled or only part showing up
- people not just having to break isolation to do their shopping, but to have to expose themselves *even more* by trying multiple stores and areas
- people's health and existing illnesses suffering and making things worse by not having access to the things they need if they can't afford to break the isolation...

Just think about other people for a change ffs.

Although this does seem to be a separate (but very related) service that’s specific to California?

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Short version:

- Google has been comissioned to make a site screening you for symptoms & risk factors to see if you need a COVID test
- If so, it directs you to the nearest drive thru testing center.
- 24-36 hours later, the _site_ displays your results.

tl;dr: Google now has access to most people's COVID testing results and all the data associated.

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I was recently using a connection which had CloudFlare's set as it's upstream DNS, and I switched it to use SecureDNS/Nixnet/ as it's upstreams.

Suddnely, CloudFlare's dashboard has gotten a lot less reliable and a lot slower.

Nothing else is affected.

suspicious methinks... further testing and investigation needed

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