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The talented @chronicallycreative drew a thing and I edited it to make a holographic transfer and they ironed it and now this is our bedroom door 🤷‍♀️

(I am actually _really_ pissed about this. I would've expected *defcon* to bloody well know better)

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and discord won't let me post anything until I verify my phone. guess... I'm not doing any villages then.

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the forum also has an awful inaccessible capcha?

annnnd a bunch of the discord invites on the website have expired.

this is looking awful lol to me...

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hey defcon... discord is shit and recaptcha is inaccessible. what the hell.

GitHub issue: [title is exact problem I encountered]

Comment 1: I don't know how to reproduce, sorry.

Comment 2 [by OP]: Oh I figured it out, no problem.

[Issue closed]


only to have the build FAIL at the end cause why the hell not

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in the time that it takes to build the mastodon container images, I could do a masters degree, have a family, send them off to get their degrees, and be witness to the first generation of my grandkids.

with time to spare.

writing yaml when your - key doesn't work is incredibly painful...

no qubes do not open that in a new disposable vm please oy vey i do not have that much ram, what you think I have a ram tree in the back garden? I'd be rich!

I really do not want to make this the only backend box that doesn't connect to haproxy over ipv6....

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I turned on docker's IPv6 support with a non-routable subnet, and now the interface with the actually routable IPv6 address has started ignoring RA announcements and just ... doesn't register a default route.

What the fuck.

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docker's ipv6 support makes me want to throw this server in the wilamette

the only thing worse than recaptcha is hcaptcha i swear

me: this application is getting this error when starting up and connecting to the database

github issues/stackoverflow: connect to mariadb over the local socket instead of tcp

me: but... it's not on the same computer


is zoom called zoom because zoomers zoom on zoom?

fedi meta question 

how do people on their own personal instances deal with the fact that they can't discover people via local timeline etc?

everyone loves it when a script is bombing out for unexplained reasons and then you come back the next day - and no one else has logged into the server at all - and it's magically working again right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ugh the signal flatpak appears to be broken all of the sudden?!

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