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Type theory? I'll pass, I got enough of that from Mavis Beacon.

routers and cable boxes running linux 2.6 are the ozymandias of our day

gaze upon my vulns, ye mighty, and despair

wondering how hard it would be to take midis and make an music pack out of them...

zeon mobile suits make for much more interesting figures than the closely-gundam styled fed suits

banning the export of almonds would do more to conserve water

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hot take : if it weren't a golf course, it would just be a concrete strip mall soaking up heat

thinking about pizza with peppers and mushrooms and anchovies, but each in reasonable proportion to the overall pizza

imagine what county fairs would be like if mobile suits were real

Barbatos is good, but I also really wanna get the HG Lfrith and watch (pirate) The Witch from Mercury

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here comes trouble on the timeline (someone else with anime opinions)

energy pol 

Amazing how much attention will go into coverage about how it's bad that people will vote for the wrong people (not the ruling party) because of a fuel crisis, instead of how it's bad that people will be left to freeze this winter due to this avoidable fuel crisis

imagine a world where broadleaf grasses are all flowering species

Gouf Crimson Custom complete, minus an extra round of nub shaving & potential topcoat down the line!

Not sure what I'm going to get for my next kit, but that'll be with a nicer set of nippers and an actual hobby knife. If we're going by favorite mobile suit, it'd be a Dom or Rick Dom. By actual availability... who knows!

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my robot is so handsome and strong, nobody could mess with a Gouf Crimson Custom!

I blame my phone keyboard for correcting archaeology to an obscure spelling only used in certain US govt publications

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Google search legal minimum time for grave robbing to be archeology

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the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: