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it's weird how chinese gov't limousines used high-displacement ford and chrysler V8 engines from 1958 to 1981

unique experiences: seeing the cto of a company actually post the script they used to track down people saying wrong things about the company

[knocks over a small item in the room adjacent to you]

maybe throwing texts with ideas you find distasteful into the fires of purification is not the most efficacious means of spreading your ideas

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i just need to get a hold of it, then update it over ethernet to 6.9 because it kernel panics on wifi, then...

relearn all of the keybinds of my wm

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I can't believe I forgot to post about the guy I saw leaving the grocery store with a friend while wearing a full Ryan Gosling in Drive outfit

I propose two subgender categories of men
the ones who buy race car gamer chairs and the ones who buy Eames chairs

big bill hell's cars should be preserved in the library of congress

you sit down at the table, and they bring a basket of baked potatoes, but they're actually small bunnies who scatter onto the table and eat your side salad

PNW fact: the Seattle Mariners have a 69-58 record this season, despite giving up 56 more runs than they have scored

corny lewd joke that references a post i can't find 

painting "dodge the father, lamb the daughter" on the tailgate of my half-ton pickup

[puts hand on chin and elbow on sill, and stares out the open window]

i appreciate that the credits for the summer rain music video credit the two dogs that appear in it

a distinct lineage of carnivorous plants was discovered in the pacific northwest, western false asphodel!

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