I've yet to find another band who's had consistently imaginative and wonderful releases from 1970 to 2003, including shifting genres from krautrock to groundbreaking electronic

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i used to have one, and was so very fond of the form factor

i also used the detachable lid as a heat-sink while using me laptop in bed

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my heart cries out for a desktop computer in one of the old pizza-box cases

it seems like removing kraftwerk from the historical record would be the greatest single blow to hip-hop and electronic music

@Kaffe i just remembered all the ketchup sandwiches i ate as a youth

"You probably don't use [operators not implemented in MySQL] enough"
thanks, bub

i just discovered motion one sentence forwards or backwards in vim using `(` and `)`, and my world is changed

keurig is annoying to use even with reusable cups only, and the cofy is just so weak i drink it too quickly

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@pup_hime the anglosphere is just a tragic place for trying to measure anything, they couldn't just go fully metric or traditional

why does australia have a definition of the tablespoon separate from both united states and international standards

@pup_hime i'm trying to find this out and wikipedia is telling me with a straight face about 250 mL being "25 dessertspoons" or "12.5 Australian tablespoons" and i feel like these units must be jokes

"All of our coffee and tea makers are measured in European cup sizes: 1 Cup = about 4oz."

what do mormon hackers read? 

the perl of great price

@scoots i wonder if installing a car-style lap belt on chairs would help my posture, or at least keep my pelvis in the right spot and thus the spine vertical...

groundbreaking idea: hot water bottle, but it's shaped like a niss

@jk ooh, that's lucky! always been one of my favorite planes just on the unique shape

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