wait, witch from mercury is just spacenoid utena?

the problem with san frisco has never been a golf course or two

''Disruptive edits regarding/making fun of the airport's IATA code will be reverted.''

whoever invented the sandwich melt is the highest order of hero

Is there a definitive book to read for a history of the Vietnam War, like Rise & Fall for WWII?

Has anyone else around the vendor area been flagged down by people who say they're with the Mine Health & Safety Administration, and just want to ask a few questions?

I always forget for a moment whether the Ministry of Sound is actually part of the UK gov't.

Why doesn't Minecraft just add all three options?


ultimate proof of how dumb you can be while being born in Brookline and never receiving post-high school education outside of Harvard

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someone with a doctorate in """political economy""" advocating for getting rid of domestic manufacturing to own those evil non-urban men is proof that higher degrees can be completely worthless, even negative compared to observing the real world.

"the fetish for manufacturing is part of the general fetish for keeping white males with low education outside the cities in the powerful positions they're in”
--"""economist""" Adam Posen

>Cook with rotating heat for around 20 minutes
what in tarnation does that mean

@natecull @jalefkowit @gargron I recommend touching base with shareholders, in order to assemble a tiger team and circle back to actionable items.

@softgoat I don't think that's gonna get caught by any sort of fingerprinting, no.

@sunflower Maybe the 20 lbs of leaded glass in the screen is what makes my 80s word processor have a full suite of functions... If that new one only supported standalone printing, it wouldn't be a terrible substitute for the original.

I wish more games were no longer to complete than Portal.

my work-accomplishing plan was not formulated to account for me being entirely too full of potatoes to work

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