in lieu of the photograph i meant to post, here's a skunk being cuddled and petted by multiple people

time for twingoposting!

did you know the front and rear seats of a first-gen Twingo can fold down into a bed?

i like how communities can arise as fan clubs for specific rocks in parking lots, like the rock of roselle

reminder that the final 11 examples of the Mitsuoka Orochi produced were a special Neon Genesis Evangelion edition sold at 7-Eleven

not sure how to ping lichess devs with this, i guess the forums?

a lot of these don't have hover-text to indicate what they do if the icon isn't visible

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A reminder that United Airlines used to have a low-cost brand called "Ted"

oh my goodness, airbus sells an official plushie of the Beluga XL cargo plane and it is wonderful

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