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what's the deal with Diana anyways?

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@mallaidh she was back in the news as someone paid around *half a million quid* for the Ford Escort RS1 she drove in the 80s (its a good example but would fetch £15-20k max if it was anyone else who owned it) and apparently the *crashed* Merc from 1997 is worth £10 million and the boss of the limousine company is trying to get it back from the French feds/govt (who still have it) so he can sell it to some museum (but the Royal family want it scrapped like any other wreck)

@mallaidh it was also 25 years since the crash, with the usual conspiracy theories being rehashed - I don't think there was any major conspiracy, its something Al Fayed keeps claiming out of guilt at his own failings (such as hiring a driver who was drunk and on prescription drugs whilst on duty), and all the vehicles occupants choosing not to wear seatbelts (being super rich doesn't make anyone invincible!) >>

@mallaidh a few years previous to that, radio scanner enthusiasts discovered that Al-Fayed's own personal bodyguards' VHF radio scheme only used basic inversion encryption, that a 1990s multimedia computer could *easily* defeat, despite having a DTI business radio licence that would have allowed better encryption and the family being easily able to afford such kit - Mohammed Al Fayed really came across as someone who didn't take security as seriously as he should have done...

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