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I'm currently using this account with (the vast majority) of my posts set to followers-only. Perhaps send a post to me before following, but don't feel obligated to!

how is android studio so slow, i have to get things done across a bunch of projects and this is agonizing

i love when -h tells me that's an unknown option, and to use --help to list all supported flags

I've yet to find another band who's had consistently imaginative and wonderful releases from 1970 to 2003, including shifting genres from krautrock to groundbreaking electronic

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i used to have one, and was so very fond of the form factor

i also used the detachable lid as a heat-sink while using me laptop in bed

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my heart cries out for a desktop computer in one of the old pizza-box cases

it seems like removing kraftwerk from the historical record would be the greatest single blow to hip-hop and electronic music

"You probably don't use [operators not implemented in MySQL] enough"
thanks, bub

i just discovered motion one sentence forwards or backwards in vim using `(` and `)`, and my world is changed

keurig is annoying to use even with reusable cups only, and the cofy is just so weak i drink it too quickly

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why does australia have a definition of the tablespoon separate from both united states and international standards

"All of our coffee and tea makers are measured in European cup sizes: 1 Cup = about 4oz."

what do mormon hackers read? 

the perl of great price

groundbreaking idea: hot water bottle, but it's shaped like a niss

iwm(4) getting work is good news, i've been wanting to bring the ol' thinkpad out without kernel panics on wifi

type of guy 

guy who spends too much time worrying where he falls on the mental visualization detail scale

consider: when you wear headphones, you become the speaker stand

"As the game neared completion, FormGen contacted id with concerns over its violence and shock content. In response, id increased these aspects"

tragedy: having vintage speakers but not knowing /how/ vintage they are or any real information about the particular model

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