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techies will post breathlessly about a new method of letting the brain speed-read faster, then spend ten hours browsing ten-word posts about nothing

I wish I could've had it conveyed to my past self that math was the coolest thing around

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I really do wish that my laptop had a DVD drive, if not a BluRay drive. Is ripping BluRay from the disc, say something on Criterion Collection, on normal hardware viable? Looking to archive my copy of Stalker if possible...

did you know that
high speed rail is less efficient and generally detrimental to all other rail services

astonished by the optimism of the bus schedule people, who publicly claim morning traffic only adds five minutes to the drive from nashua to logan

y'know what's messed up? Amtrak seating for a given row, let's say 6, is only 6A, 6C, 6D, 6F

there is no 6B or 6E, i'm guessing since that would be reserved for middle seats in a row of three?


i for one think it's hilarious that ukraine is humiliating the russian air force with stugna-P anti-tank missiles

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Fuck, suck, feed and seed
City slicker comes in need
What was once Chuck's is now Sneed's
21st century Simpson Man

now I'm wondering if Pret's coffee is bad like Starbucks is, or if it's just generic drip/espresso worth getting while stuck in a train station either way

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the revenant punching animation is the funniest part of any doom game

the fact that
\[ \lim_{k\to\infty} \]
is enough to bring /sci/ threads to a screeching halt will always be funny to me

Very interesting day for military aircraft activity, across the lower 48 we have
- VC-25A (Air Force One)
- C32-A (Air Force Two)
- E-4B EMP-hardened airborne command post
- C-40B mobile command station
- C-40A airborne logistics
- Four RC-135V/W Rivet Joint SIGINT jets
- RC-135S Cobra Ball ballistic missile observation jet
- Pair of E-6 Mercury airborne command posts
- And finally, a single E-3G Sentry flying AWACS

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