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I'm currently using this account with (the vast majority) of my posts set to followers-only. Perhaps send a post to me before following, but don't feel obligated to!

Anna Karenina truly is a fantastic novel, even a good ways before halfway through it.

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a homosexual lizard?

oh, you mean a dragonfruit?

I posit that dark matter is just the keleven of cosmology

I recall being very intrigued as a child that Malcolm had two Ls in it.

The collected dialogues translated by Lane Cooper, use PUP21 for 50% off, shipping price is whatever UPS does to your location.

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going into the English department with a ball-peen hammer to deconstruct their lenses once and for all

It always strikes me as a serious oversight that the United Kingdom seemingly doesn't use yellow road markings except for areas where parking is forbidden. All the markings being one color seems to lose a lot of detail, and the centerline is presumably important enough to warrant special emphasis.


the united states shielded a child molester and diagnosed sociopath with a long criminal history from prosecution just to continue their witch hunt against assange, all because he embarrassed the american security apparatus

the funniest thing about internet music culture is seeing 24bit/96kHz cassette tape rips of digitally mastered hip-hop albums


Maevia inclemens has shown up a third time, now on my windowsill... jumping spiders have such personality to their movements

underestimated probability? it's more likely than you think!

hypothesis: all computers are cats, since they wake up when they notice a mouse moving around

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