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time for twingoposting!

did you know the front and rear seats of a first-gen Twingo can fold down into a bed?


you'd be a fool to not consider the collapse of the papiermark in an analysis of the Weimar Republic and rise of Nazi Germany, and you'd be a fool to not consider the liberal insistence on protracted austerity in the rise of right-wing opposition against economically ineffective leadership

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how can any "leftist" analysis of the right wing actively reject material conditions and economic forces as a reason for its rise

people tend to get angry when life is drained of meaning and work brings less and less prosperity

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you might be the flattest fuck of them all

i like how communities can arise as fan clubs for specific rocks in parking lots, like the rock of roselle

"(Insects refer to any kind of animal, such as tigers (倧蟲))"


soup recipe 

dice an onion and two carrots, plus some celery to your desired amount

sautee in a medium pot with oil until carrot and onion soften, maybe put the celery in later if you prefer them less softened

add two cups veggie or chicken broth, two cups water, and a cup of split peas, plus some manner of ham in cubes or whatever if you'd like, plus probably bay leaf or other seasoning

get it to a simmer and leave it at that for like, an hour? until the peas are soft and not so grainy, and serve

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soup recipe 

six cups broth, bring to boil and cook a cup of small pasta in it, whisk four eggs with some nutmeg and parsley

more parsley if it's dried, make sure to mince finely if it's fresh or you'll get occasional spoonfuls of overwhelming parsley

get the soup swirling in the pot and slowly pour in the eggs while continuing to stir, then reduce heat to minimum and don't let it come back to a simmer

let it sit for a few minutes while the eggs set, then serve


$2,000? What do you want $1,400 for? How are we even going to come up with $600 checks while impeaching le orange man?


she do what she mean
she do what she do
got something for me
got something for you

reminder that the final 11 examples of the Mitsuoka Orochi produced were a special Neon Genesis Evangelion edition sold at 7-Eleven

"I just came up with an idea. What if I filled my basement with about 3 to 10 inches of drit/sand and then flooded it to about 3' high with water. Then I would add crawfish. I could pretty much breed crawfish in my basement all year long. There's windows for light so algae could grow naturally and I could just throw table scraps down the steps to feed them also. Heck I could even add blue gills and a little homemade boat to go fishing in."

Death Stranding, or:
Norman Reedus Parenthood & Intermodal Cargo Simulator

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