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I'm currently using this account with (the vast majority) of my posts set to followers-only. Perhaps send a post to me before following, but don't feel obligated to!

I wish more games were no longer to complete than Portal.

my work-accomplishing plan was not formulated to account for me being entirely too full of potatoes to work

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brits will judge US units, but there is living memory of a time when teacupfuls were accepted as part of a recipe

and the boy who cried rat makes it a fantastic episode

Beat it, Stimpy! It's a higher mammal!

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space madness is perhaps the greatest half-episode of TV I've ever watched

what kind of person actually walks around with a book stufffed into their back pocket??? they don't fit there

i just heard poggers uttered in a commercial airing on national television

enemy pursuers detected! activate level 2 moody slap bass theme!

if i ever get drafted i'm legally changing my name to Quattro Bajeena

My favorite part of gunpla is that Bandai trusts Japanese eight year old children to assemble an HG but not fourteen year old english speakers

planes are an arrogant form of transportation, that there aren't even strings holding the planes up

slapping my tail on the water in alarm as I plunge beneath the surface of the timeline

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