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I'm currently using this account with (the vast majority) of my posts set to followers-only. Perhaps send a post to me before following, but don't feel obligated to!


what is critical race theory even supposed to be

fun fact: west germany was never a fully sovereign nation

the css abominations i yearn for aren't ever going to be implemented β”—|ο½€Oβ€²|β”›

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imagine having your brain so heavily afflicted by "whiteness studies" that you think suicide with a firearm or dying by overdose is actually an indication of white privilege because white people have some unique economic access to these things

how do you get so blinded to the reality of class that you blame white people for the opioid epidemic and the rising rate of deaths of despair, and undertake a project that aims to transform whiteness into an overwhelming metaphysical force

pushing down a blobcat and watching it pop back up like those rubber hemisphere things

knowing that there are always raccoons and skunks and woodchucks out there in the woods cheers me up

I don't like how I can't set my User-Agent the way NOAA wants me to when using their API, all because of CORS

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Do I look like I know what a JSON is? All I want is a report of the got-dang weather!

@cq april 12th is yuri [gagarin]'s night, commemorating his flight on the Vostok 1, as well as cosmonautics day! thought you might find that neat


cooked a lovely barley risotto with carrot and celery for lunch, didn't have onion or white wine like most recipes call for but it went smoothly regardless

spotted two ravens playing around today, one flying after the other

then one perched within view on the edge of a rooftop, and seemed to be cleaning something off of their beak before flying off

the unifying theme of all the books I've read lately is that everyone seems to be wearing galoshes and laying on divans.

in lieu of the photograph i meant to post, here's a skunk being cuddled and petted by multiple people

today's mood: the sense of unease created by using a screenshot utility that you don't know the storage location of

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