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Reaching the point that because of the effect of the tech industry that I have no idea anymore where to work as a web developer that isn't below my skill level and also a contributor to toxic capitalism and bullshit (like investor culture, marketing, social media tools).

I'm sitting in the garden and there's bumblebees in the flowers next to me, and it's nice 🐝

Had it with today. Don’t want to work anymore.

I’m working remotely as the only dev in the team and it’s just frustrating as hell to have to do everything myself

I really miss nice chatrooms. All social media or Slack channels nowadays are way quieter, and nobody on the birdsite is tweeting personal things at the moment.

A community with cozy nerds that don't talk about tech or politics all the time would be sweet

I like to think that somewhere between writing the deathly hallows and the release of the Fantastic Beasts movie, JKR got replaced by a Karen in a JKR suit

I feel terrible for staying quiet on here and the birdsite during the protests, but the whole situation made my anger/anxiety spike like crazy, so I just tried to stay off social media for a while.

So. First things first: Black Lives Matter.

Hey y'all I feel like I should really play more animal crossing, but I keep getting distracted by work.

cold enby fashion struggles 

It’s rather depressing to search on Pinterest for winter-appropriate witchy clothing and still see crop tops, short skirts and similar things.

That’s not winter clothing

co-star but without being required to give your mobile phone number to a startup with a dubious business model

It's too cold to wear nice clothes I've bought 😢

It's winter, so that's to be expected, but still.

Although every time I’m looking for help (online, because I don’t have any queer friends 😢) I basically only see tips for AFAB people our odd high fashion stuff, and as an AMAB that’s just never gives me anything to work with and raise my confidence.

I guess finding enby friends world also be a good goal for 2020

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Dreaming of going all in on being a sexy enby in 2020.

I'm glad the company that I work for is not garbage, doesn't add bullshit into the world, and is not sponsored by investment money.

That said, I'd love to work for some company that's actually countering the toxic parts of this industry. Finding a company that fits that profile is hard, though, especially remotely 🙁

Now that the days are way shorter, I already feel done working 2,5 hours before the end of the working day. Yuck.

we’d like two vegan margarita and two meat lovers pizza, thank you 🤦‍♀️

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