no _you_ accidentally pasted the URL of a job you're looking at into the chatroom of your current employer 😮

someone wrote to our company in a very formal and gramatically correct email, but started with "Dear Sirs".


If I ever get 2 minutes alone on a colleagues computer I will install an alias that will clear the entire harddrive when they type `git commit -a`

It's such a reckless, dirty, dumb practice and has no place in professional software development.

Know what you commit, mfs

Been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed Odyssey recently, and I keep being delighted by how good this game looks. Constantly amazed every time I take a while to take it in.

For fuck sake, we had one today that wanted us to promote a product that clearly was trying to compete with us, just because our blog talks about the subject matter.

Like no shit, this is a company/product blog. idiot.

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There is a special hell for the type of people that write in to owners of websites in order to ask if they accepy a "guest post" in which they can spam their own semi-related product.

- often completely unaware of what your website is actually about
- nobody who reads your blog would be interested in the topic
- it's always worded as a great collaboration or opportunity
- it's just an SEO parasite

I need some good resources for enby/androgynous fashion that isn’t just basic gender bending. Pinterest feels useless.

pls help this enby find some fashion inspo

Just found a JS library but it turned out that it was made by Monsanto. That's right, monsanto has a github org.

Obviously not going to use it, wouldn't want my entire app to suffer a catastrophic collapse

casually wondering if Art Deco is like a post-war sexist reaction to Art Nouveau and now I've ruined Art Deco for me.

This is Keo, they are talentented and kind, but they are also non-binary! :nonbinary_flag:. This was confirmed by the writers on twitter and stuff and it makes me happy. Representation is cool, as you all know :)

I've been playing a lot of Star Wars Squadrons lately and it's fun, but what I didn't expect is to actually care about some of the characters. There's not really that much interaction, but now that I've finished the story mode I kinda miss some of the characters, especially Keo

Got a job application rejection today :/

I want to leave my current job, but it happens so rarely that I see a job opening that I'm even remotely interested in, so every rejection kind of hurts.

Really resonating with this article:

"tech brain is a sort of constant willful reductionism: an addiction to easy answers combined with a wholesale cultural resistance to any kind of complexity. most of the time it manifests in ways ranging from the annoying but mostly innocuous […] to the industrywide tendency toward band-aid solutions for everything from faulty code to company culture to society itself)"

lame joke 

do french people laugh with a silent h as well?

like "a a a aaaa"?

Like all of this bullshit has taken the joy out of working for in tech for me.

I'm sure it's also because I'm an anxious introverted sad person but it's like a big cause for depression at the moment.

If I look at job listings nowadays like 90% of them don't come close to what I want out of a job at the moment

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