Hey y'all I feel like I should really play more animal crossing, but I keep getting distracted by work.

cold enby fashion struggles 

co-star but without being required to give your mobile phone number to a startup with a dubious business model

It's too cold to wear nice clothes I've bought 😢

It's winter, so that's to be expected, but still.

Although every time I’m looking for help (online, because I don’t have any queer friends 😢) I basically only see tips for AFAB people our odd high fashion stuff, and as an AMAB that’s just never gives me anything to work with and raise my confidence.

I guess finding enby friends world also be a good goal for 2020

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Dreaming of going all in on being a sexy enby in 2020.

I'm glad the company that I work for is not garbage, doesn't add bullshit into the world, and is not sponsored by investment money.

That said, I'd love to work for some company that's actually countering the toxic parts of this industry. Finding a company that fits that profile is hard, though, especially remotely 🙁

Now that the days are way shorter, I already feel done working 2,5 hours before the end of the working day. Yuck.

we’d like two vegan margarita and two meat lovers pizza, thank you 🤦‍♀️

mh - 

Dealing with my colleague's code is making my epic cough from a week ago come back.

Anyone know of a place with like enby-focused short stories or erotica?

Sadly there’s little stuff on the usual places 😕

I have some fond memories of Pokemon, but I recently bought Pokemon let’s go on a whim and it’s crap. It has the production quality of an indie game, gameplay has no depth and they charge 50 pounds for it. I know it’s supposed to be modernisation of the old game but in its current state it just disturbs me.

I’d probably be using Linux all the time, if it wasn’t for the fact that almost all free software I’ve encountered is like a different brand of bad UI/UX design, and i can’t really live with that.

I love MacOS because it’s nice and smooth and generally all apps are consistent in terms of design, iconography and ux.

I understand it’s hard to compete with premium apps, but there must be something that can be done to raise the design quality of apps on Linux?

Been waking up so tired the last week that I hardly felt like spending any time on appearance in the morning, so then of course body dysphoria kicks in throughout the day :/

Still 2,5 hours to go for this working day and my brain already feels done for the day; can't think properly to do any coding or learning or whatever.

Really not sure what to do :/

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