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Honestly, I'm a prince. I should be pampered and taken care of all the time. I'm too pretty not to be :blobcatlove:

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Oh my gosh this is gonna be my first Rico day I'm so excited :blobcataww:

I hope the guys from Ifa Wartburg are doing well nowadays. I bet they're trans actually,

Eins, zwei, drei, die beste Partei ☭
Und vier fünf sechs der beste Konnex 👯
mit sieben, acht, der Warszawa-Pakt 🤝
Und neun, dein besten Freund 💏
A-B-C, die beste Armee 💪
Und D-E-F, ein richtiger Treffer 🎯
G-H und I, für Demokratie 🗳️
Und J das ist FDJ 🕺

Happy 4th of July- I mean - End of US Occupation of Hawaii Day! Stop poisoning our water and committing genocide against Hawaiians thanks! :) Time for #indigenous socialist civilization future and decolonial metal :)

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That being said, Kreuzpiel has been an excellently crafted and easily-listenable ambient romp :blobcatlove:

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Given Xenakis sounds like you took bad DMT and Stockhausen sounds like a cute little museum adventure, I find it immensely humorous that Xenakis is the super precise intentional one and Stockhausen is really just fucking around

playing fire emblem and mashing my little chess pieces together like "will you two fall in love already?!?!"

we teach girls to shrink themselves, to fit themselves more compactly in a transistor. we expect girls to double in processing efficiency every two years. we say to sufficiently advanced girls, you are indistinguishable from magic

Boyhole KB 

Supreme boyhole 😎 Finnissy's recompositions are his best works just for the silly titles he gives them

Gosh I would love nothing more than to learn uchinaaguchi but it's literally impossible unless you live on the island :blobsob:

Upsetting toki pona speakers and ending up in what sounds like an angry episode of Boobah wiggle and giggle

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Committed to the bit. Engaged to the bit. Married to the bit. A house and two kids with the bit. Grandkids with the bit. Retiring with the bit. On the deathbed with the bit.

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