the problem with straight porn is that too often it is inspired by straight porn

“i like stars—no you ass, i mean like asterisks”

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it's the one day this month i can get away with wearing black and by jove i'm taking advantage of it

@Leaf love you you're the best. i haven't gotten tired of saying it. this is one of the hardest times of my life/I won't be the same after physically or mentally. but after I get burnt out on everything and can't avoid the pain and fear you make my life feel worth it among the lows. so yea love you <3

feeling okay about things. that's nice. the real birthday treat

It's like, you were REAL, right, closet key who danced with me and flirted with me often? But you can't find them and it's like, what the fuck?

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Weird part about having lost so much of your memory is suddenly remembering people then not finding anything further about them like they never existed.

Listening to Good News by Mac Miller. I am concerned about how much I relate to it. Maybe I should do some spring cleaning too

Ladies get yourself a girl who's both diabolical and methodical

Every time Margo tells me about the fools she smokes in Pokemon I fall a little more in love.

the trick to staying alive during a heat wave is just DON’T DO SHIT

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« Portland's very unique, and I've lived here all my life. When it snows, they wait till there's six inches of snow to go buy tire chains. Nobody seems to like to be prepared ahead of time. » lmao

sometimes @maevestrom says things to me like “it’s amazing that even as world-weary and jaded as you are, you’re still kind and honest”

baby, if i wasn’t kind and honest, how did i get so world-weary and jaded then?

look i like cute haircuts but i wouldn't say i have a haircut fetish

today i learned that for pride, skittles introduced the very bold slogan “taste the rainbow by going down on your girlfriend, not by eating skittles”

Hold me down, I'm so tired now
Aim your arrow at the sky
Take me down, I'm too tired now
Leave me where I lie

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