So I'm nonbinary. I id as nonbinary femme. It's cool. It's acknowledging my inherent femininity even when masc, and stops me from ig being a woman. Everything I wanted I stopped myself from getting and Woman felt like my fake role. Bc this is who I am- a nonfemale femme doing her best to be ME. I am not a woman, I'm a lord who intoxicates others. Perhaps with a look alone.

Actually, considering how trans women are maliciously portrayed as hypersexual nymphos for str8 men it's very progressive of me to write them as awkward dweebs who can't get laid or give a shit 75% of the time

Well I feel like shit in juuuuuust about every way.

It really bugs me how I can be like Ugh I Hate My Body and ppl are like "bc you're trans" no the spotlight's really on the cancer for this one

Despite my general lack of awareness I don't have the "typical lesbian problem" of never being able to read signals from other girls. I DO, however, have the other "typical lesbian problem" of trying to put out signals the other party can't read. I am not a lesbian but I am fucking hopeless

Adorable things my gf does #1: stays the right amount of stoic and even-keeled that when she flips out or gets giddy/happy it's not a surprise but it treats my heart and I'm like :0130: :blobcataww: :blobhearttranscat:

I swear she's like a cat with a laser pointer when she talks about them. Just focused, efficient. Pokemon Professor Margo.

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Listening to her talk about the evolution of Pokémon and getting to crack corny jokes about it? A very good night if I do say so myself.

I really love that. I love her because she's right for me and I welcome these paradigm changes.

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And maybe that means I'm easily impressed but no one has been the type of person I needed for 26 and a half years. My heart beats fast around her bc it feels like it's never beaten in years

I count this as my first real relationship. With someone dedicated to creating an us out of her and I. Oftimes I wonder how I could be so fortunate but I've learned instead that I am worthy of more love than I have gotten.

I was once too naive to realize the joys in idling because I inflated it with laziness and failure. Even now I rarely feel at peace when I have valid reasons not to be active.. But it's def getting better bc of my girl. Because even though there's inherently fear in my heart that I won't learn the things I should whenever I slow down, just being with her is really relaxing and rejects those feelings

I think one of the reasons I identify with Edelgard von Hresvelg is because I too am the type of person to break around the person who I trust most, come to, and realize OH SHIT please forget I'm a little biatch

Friendly reminder that I am OBNOXIOUSLY homosexual

It is really hard not to yell at people to get real problems when they act like the world ends bc BTS has the #1 single and they blame the Stans, this amorphous group of people I am not sure exists.

I understand that I am not selling Portland well. Can you fault me tho? That's hard to do rn especially right now where, as my mom claims, "the homeless are ruining the city"

Hearing your parents talking about how awful homeless people are and remembering all the times they threatened to kick you out

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