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most companies: merry christmas! everything is half off or more!

AT&T: merry christmas! we raised your bill $5 and didn't tell you.

I keep wanting to go to lemmy but it's all anarchy/Linux and I'd feel out of plate being like "muh microphone y'all"

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this is the first sub where I've seen douchebags being douchebags and it wasn't politics or memes

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I know reporting it won't do anything but maybe in an alternate universe something will happen

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I keep wanting to be more vloggy but then I'm like


maybe if I get a fursuit head or wrestler's mask :P

maybe I'll be the nature version of gamers and film a bunch of nature stuff and talk over it

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"I wonder if vlogs are a thing I'd be into"

remembers what I look like,

"never mind. vermin supreme talking about audio stuff isn't a good idea."

last weeb omfg I need to check better what sabotage my keyboard attempts on me

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wearing shorts today. even though last week was 30F to 50F

just another day in the weather of The South™

I love when one of my posts makes the rounds and I get to see like:
Inflatable Fox Pool Toy boosted your status
Linux Kobold boosted your status
Johnny Normcore boosted your status
Xenomorph (horny aspect) boosted your status

Re:// Introduction 2.0: The Reckoning (Part 12) 

Hey there! I'm Meryl, i.e., Eyeshadow 2600 FM. I've been making electro/ambient/darksynth/retrowave since 2017. I spent a lot of time alone, in front of digital synths, after leaving my job with Walmart the first time (mega transphobia problem) and developed an anxiety disorder because of it. (please keep this in mind lol)

But I have returned to the Wall of the mart, and so continues the balance of retail and artist endeavors.

Outside of that I am a trans woman and I came out in 2012. Things have been extremely rocky, and HRT access even harder to keep. But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel?? maybe?

I'm into music (obviously), gaming (ps4, xbox, pc), goth girls, your girlfriend, cyberpunk, big tall glasses of water, space, the final frontier, star trek (separate from space, the final frontier) and way more lol

Check out what I do thought on Bandcamp, or support me on Patreon and help keep some of my paychecks in my pocket.

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