shameless sample pack plug (it's $1)

until October 24th it's $1 so gaab it. I've been amazed and inspired by Zenhiser's stuff thus far. their synthwave/cyberpunk packs are dank as fuck

I forgot 100% today is , so help me stop forgetting and check out my recent sound effect library (along with electronic music Of The Ages)

There's a couple more hours left to the gig, and anything that can be spared ir appreciated af ;w;

This song specifically is also on iTunes/Apple Music and Google Play Music Whatever The F It's Called:

Though obvs through Bandcamp I see much more of the revenue as opposed to the latter two stores c: Alternatively, there's KoFi/Patreon if you're feeling like it ✨

It's ✨ ✨ once again, which means artists get hella more of the revenue.

I make stuff so have a listen aaaaa

Soft, calming ambience for a distant world if that sounds closer tokqhat y'all'ed'st like


unrelated to last post, but it's , which means shall donate their revenue cut to

pick urself up some ✨ soff ✨ sounds at my digital Sound Booth (or whatever just listen with ur earholes ok)

Bump for the evening: EQlzr!

A space for Fediverse musicians to meet and collaborate--Inclusive, community-driven, and transparently run. Much more information here

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