for anyone who wants free stuff in exchange for ruthless data harvesting, steinberg has Cubase and Wavelab Elements for free for a short time


update: steinberg doing what steinberg does

it's "free to evaluate" until July something. it's not free free

I figured there was something strange because shiteberg doesn't just give away stuff

@lwr82 they force you to purchase an usb token for 20+ euros .... their concept of free

@lwr82 or corporate greed hidden with a romulan cloaking device...goes against the very definition of ,,free trial" as in no-cost

maybe they mean free as the FSF defines free as in libre as in freedom respecting

You can try our product , We respect Your freedom but first buy this usb token which will be nevertheless useless once the trial period runs out unless you purchase our software for XXX $

@viktormadarasz that's what I meant. it's a shame that this is a thing.

big same either way

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