What if there was some ✨soff✨ to accompany us on this Fine :thonking:

What if it were so soft, you drifted off to another place in time? Where the trees reflect the night sky's stars themselves, and the lakes hold deep mysteries we could not comprehend ✨ 🦈 ✨

If y'all can spare it in these trying times, The Year Of Our Screams, a few dollars would be Cool and Nice :blue_sparkle_heart: Boosts appreciated !!! !

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I already have a 'sequel' to this in mind, and the vibe in my head is telling me spooktober is the perf month 👀

@lwr82 nice chill work :) reminds me of some electronic music pioneers such as Klaus Schulze. when I've heard the first track I've thought "wow, I'd wish there would be a 1 hour version"
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