New song!!! Go listen!!!!!! It's got:

⌨️ synths
🎶 vibes

🤔 Why should you listen? It's a layered sound journey! It's ! It's thumpy and wumpy and you can shake your booty!

I'm one (1) individual who is struggling (for months) to find work. Anything you can spare, a listen, a dollar, a comment, or just spreading the word, means everything, and it would be very appreciated. :purple_sparkling_heart:

Even if it's not your thing, maybe it is for one of your friends, so let them know!

as a small note, if you're a producer of drum and bass, or trance, or similar, say hi! I don't often see a lot of you here (maybe I'm just not looking in the right place(s))

need to upload this to more places today xhamtbwhfltywismahphrnr

@requiem aaaAA!!! thank ;o;;

it was an experiment that initially flopped.

I might say it's alternate title is "Phoenix"

@lwr82 Excellent music to hack the matrix by.

Looking forward to more!

@lwr82 I really, really dig this track. It's nuanced-- the double beat threw me off at first and then got REALLY intense. Super good stuff. I want to give it another go with headphones. :D

@mawr AAA i love it im glad i kicked my own ass to finish it !!!! thank uuuuuuu

I have some very ethereal and ✨SOFF✨ ambient sounds coming soon too

like idk stellardrone-ish but with blade runner/jonn serrie vibes hard to explain

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