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New song!!! Go listen!!!!!! It's got:

⌨️ synths
🎶 vibes

🤔 Why should you listen? It's a layered sound journey! It's ! It's thumpy and wumpy and you can shake your booty!

I'm one (1) individual who is struggling (for months) to find work. Anything you can spare, a listen, a dollar, a comment, or just spreading the word, means everything, and it would be very appreciated. :purple_sparkling_heart:

Even if it's not your thing, maybe it is for one of your friends, so let them know!

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i stand naked in the middle of the intersection, eyes raised to the burning light of the arbitrary brokenness of the laws of man 

instead of senior living center why not Tavern of the Established Patron

we tricked sand into doing math really fast and an ancient desert faerie cursed us for our hubris and thats why computers

How To Get People To Even Care That I Make Stuff:

A 200 part documentary with no answer

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album album music sounds music album

2 weeks it's !!!! 2 weeks !!!! away

mark ur calendars or i'll fite u

What new mastodon users don't know it in 6 monhts, they'll have been horny on main, posted nudes, had a heartfelt convo about the best drugs, listenend to niche underground music genre and LOVED it, v a p o r p o s t e d, and installed arch.

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

wow this is so cursed




I hate it


big neg post whoops 

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other vendors: check out these free sample packs. some of our VSTs are free, or half off!

Waves, douchebag overpriced company: we made our huge $4,000 bundles 95% off!! surprisingly, there may be hope for us.

ReFX, company who overprices everything: ok but what if we release one (1) preset pack and it's not even decent.

watching restic take its time at ~95% is like watching water boil

whenever I say 'poast' irl i have to contort my mouth in a way that looks like i'm trying to swallow a lamp

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