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can we have a game about a ghost chicken stealing stuff and call it Poultry Heist

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an innocent emojo: "black sparkles"



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What if there was some ✨soff✨ to accompany us on this Fine :thonking:

What if it were so soft, you drifted off to another place in time? Where the trees reflect the night sky's stars themselves, and the lakes hold deep mysteries we could not comprehend ✨ 🦈 ✨

If y'all can spare it in these trying times, The Year Of Our Screams, a few dollars would be Cool and Nice :blue_sparkle_heart: Boosts appreciated !!! !

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New song!!! Go listen!!!!!! It's got:

⌨️ synths
🎶 vibes

🤔 Why should you listen? It's a layered sound journey! It's ! It's thumpy and wumpy and you can shake your booty!

I'm one (1) individual who is struggling (for months) to find work. Anything you can spare, a listen, a dollar, a comment, or just spreading the word, means everything, and it would be very appreciated. :purple_sparkling_heart:

Even if it's not your thing, maybe it is for one of your friends, so let them know!

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Minecraft's Greenfield city imported in Avoyd. I added specular reflections to water, metal, glass, vegetation, ceramics etc.

- Note this is not a render: once the minecraft map is imported in Avoyd you can fly around freely and edit it
- Avoyd doesn't show minecraft textures: everything's an average colour block
- Combine several maps with copy/paste world as paste brush
- Export to Blender


Download Avoyd

might fuck around and make youtube videos that don't use lo-fi, dubstep, or reverb pianos

huh. TIL – "I create virtual instruments and audio effects that respect your freedom."

cursed dystopia 

it sounds like a big chonk mower so maybe those aren't as prone

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raining drizzly day and someone is mowing the lawn

hope u enjoy clogged blades, neighbor

looking at the word Content™ the same way I look at overly flowery job titles

I'm disappointed by how few tagged posts with this there are :c

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in a way it makes me want to do more, but then who is it for if not for myself

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wish I could use PeerTube the same way as YouTube (since it is down, Reader In The Future) but apparently I'm the only Recordist on the whole damn network

using Framasoft's Sepia index shows me at the top (thanks I guess?) but sifting through various pages I can't find anything else that is like that


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