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Hello it is January and I just got bit by a mosquito because of the Heat I hope your Winter is also Going As Well As Mine

I just put this out a bit ago, it's a sort of "Best Of" from 2005-2014. Lots of different genres, all remasted, and it's cheap to download in high quality (or stream or rip for free). Check it out!

Apologies for my surprise absence. Hello, new follows!

In any case, brain power has recently been in reserve.

Short guide on staying secure online is finished:

Always open to suggestions and contributions!

I've been pondering writing an EP or something

of idk. chill stuff.

it takes. so. much. work. into making the layered hell electronic dance stuff.

and it might be easier (or just something different) to do someth else for a bit. I enjoyed making Let the Night Speak and Supernova

✨ hello friends here is shapes. shapes is a really long ambient album.

:exclamation_rainbow: I'm giving masto a head start on checking it out.

🎸 my music helps me pay my bills, if you can afford to support me please grab this on bandcamp:

🌟 if money is tight but you need something comfy and chill to listen to that's ok too, you can download it free here:

:airhorn: please share xoxo

me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

merry xmas even, drink some water, sleep a little, but most of all, punch god as you walk backwards into 2020

anyone got experience with freelance music production

it just occurred to me

I don't think they can call it bandcamp direct because of trademarks, right?

00:00 UTC it's Organized Chaos. Cannibalism! that's why Santa is short a reindeer! Tonight we'll pick up where @snowdusk_ left off! 😮

Then it's the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix live with @snowdusk_ . Will this be another DARK edition? 🤞 Or will there be holiday cheer? Or maybe nothing but some groovin' tunes. 01:00 UTC


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