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can we have a game about a ghost chicken stealing stuff and call it Poultry Heist

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an innocent emojo: "black sparkles"



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What if there was some ✨soff✨ to accompany us on this Fine :thonking:

What if it were so soft, you drifted off to another place in time? Where the trees reflect the night sky's stars themselves, and the lakes hold deep mysteries we could not comprehend ✨ 🦈 ✨

If y'all can spare it in these trying times, The Year Of Our Screams, a few dollars would be Cool and Nice :blue_sparkle_heart: Boosts appreciated !!! !

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New song!!! Go listen!!!!!! It's got:

⌨️ synths
🎶 vibes

🤔 Why should you listen? It's a layered sound journey! It's ! It's thumpy and wumpy and you can shake your booty!

I'm one (1) individual who is struggling (for months) to find work. Anything you can spare, a listen, a dollar, a comment, or just spreading the word, means everything, and it would be very appreciated. :purple_sparkling_heart:

Even if it's not your thing, maybe it is for one of your friends, so let them know!

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“Sunlight does not penetrate the atmosphere easily due to Titan’s thick haze; however, another type of rainbow would actually be more common: an infrared rainbow. [...] Visitors to Titan could view these infrared rainbows with night-vision goggles.”


people be like SMASHES that like button on my masto

so greetings to you and stuff I post intermittently ✨

@lwr82 oh hey speaking of pixelfed theres this service that i think just popped up today thats like pixelfed but private and uses your existing fedi account

The other day I replied to a thread Elsewhere™ about where people post photos, and I mentioned .

I don't know where they went, but I'm reminded that there is still a lot to do; the person who replied to me said that a few feeds had spam, or low quality phone pictures of people's computer screens, or some such.

Maybe it was a crap server's timeline, or maybe it was a misunderstanding, but that's unfortunate that their first foray from Big Corp services was like that

I keep thinking, "I wish much of PeerTube had stuff other than anime rips or French/Turkish media clips" but then again I don't think memey gear reviews are its aim either

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kinda wanna review stuff I have but

I mean, it's not important, also.

so probably not


also known as

"people who should give me their shit please"

christmas, trans pun 

I guess I'll be the one on my timeline who says: "remember, christmas without hrt is just cismas"

my computer is finally dying I think

kdenlive freezes up in linux, and it crashes in windows

I haven't updated it though, but I also haven't updated windows, so technically it should still work

this is ass

nonono, Father Christmas was the scientist, you're thinking of Christmas's Monster

big "serious room" posting—now for something completely different 

in other news: 🅱️

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big "serious room" posting 

idk yet.

im leaning that way, but god that is so much work because I have to change a bunch of stuff

but that is what personal growth is I suppose?

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big "serious room" posting 

year has been a shit, but I've explored other creative outlets, which has led me to think I need to re brand as something more general (for me) and not specifically "cosmic background radiation that also posts photos sometimes"

trying to get motivation to record stuff

but I just woke up [an hour ago [already]]]

New people, welcome to a place where shit is in chronological order

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