listening to a long intro and turning into a skeleton before it's done

I mean I already have a project with an example attempt and it sounds okay but the depth I want to achieve ended up making of sound like a weird off chute of traditional offbeat bass?

maybe im trying too hard

Literally Just 100 Hours of Amen Break Samples At Various Tempos [ASMR]

also I need a laptop that doesn't weigh 200lbs (~90kg) and is 🔥fast🔥 so I can run my projects properly

Next project: figure out how to do that funky swing bass pattern

I know it's all 4/4, but it's probably something preposterous like double dotted half quarter of a hair past eighth notes or something where it only lines up after 14.88 bars every other minute

tldr it sounds so cool in >:C

current track on Astronomy 020 seems oldschool with a modern touch and I like it

Yeah, I'm dirtbag left. I have a bag of dirt I keep to my left and it's been great ever since I had it.

part of me wants to jump on m.s for visibility's sake

but the other side to that is their ftl is a huge mess

is there a back and worth between your label rep and you before a track is signed or is that only if it's not actually ready first go (or you're new)?

Frick™ style

it's like hardstyle but it's a room full of people screaming

I wish Reason had their software standalone instead of built into the DAW. I really like Thor and the chorus/unison effect.

Cannot use Reason, though. I know how to route, chain, and put in beats and patches. It just does not work in my head (the effects rack is a nice gimmick, but it really wears off when you just need to get somewhere in a click or two and not scroll for days)

Don't know whether to do another drum and bass or trance track. Like the last three, I have a few to go and clean, but I don't know which one to start first.

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