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alright. I miss you, cybre space. let's see what this migration thing does. i'll be at @solarmerps

my entire mind is nothing but telegram stickers

if yours not embarrassed by the rogue you built are you really playing D&D right

creator of Veggie Tales is currently being held up as the punching bag for the right wing church rn

and it's kinda hilarious

gross animal things but i'm laughing 

the dog is farting in his sleep and it sounds like when you squeeze air out of a ziploc bag

i have a fan on me so i'm upwind thank fork

is there a .fur or .furry TLD yet

Give Me Dot Were Wolves

I'll be moving house to @solarmerps. It's been fun here (when I'm here) and it hurts to see it go. Like saying bye to an old friend. But we all move on aaaaaa

I'll set up all the redirects and stuff when I'm home and stuff.

dind't really EQ this at all so I'm sorry if it's all out of balance in headphones

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I can't believe how much the Zoom F6 is now. used to be $500 on sale. Now it's $750. that coulda bought u a MixPre 3 ii. At the time anyway.


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