@overflow what if you're renting a colo, does it count as self-hosting if you own the hardware but it's in someone else's building?

@Moon @NEETzsche @georgia iirc trustzone isn't important for bringup and *can* be disabled completely (more than me) on some chips

@cjd you mean how galaxy/star/planet/moon used to be called like king/lord/duke/earl or whatever? I don't really know a lot about the political philosophy of the original guy though, but I'm not really sure how that manifested in the urbit design beyond the metaphors


@polarisfm I completely agree that users need full control over their hardware, but I think it's a little early to sound the alarm

I did some looking on Lenovo's ARM laptops and it seems like the only issues with them are drivers for the SoCs they're based on not being fully compatible, but that's not Microsoft being assholes, that's Qualcomm being lazy

@polarisfm has there's been ARM Windows laptops from OEMs other than Microsoft? I think it's still way too early to tell

honestly even with a Rosetta-like project there's just soooo much Windows x86 software out there I don't see x86 going away anytime soon

either way we still have Linux friendly OEMs like System76, Pine64, Librem (even if they're shady), and honestly, Dell

@polarisfm with microsoft going on on ARM windows I wouldn't be surprised if many OEMs start shipping with UEFI-on-ARM

which sucks, but at least it's well understood and fairly well supported

Apple is in a unique position where they have full vertical control over the hardware, OS, and (most) app distribution, Windows only has any of this on Surface devices, and even then they don't have much control over the software people run on their devices

so I'm not *super* worried in the near to medium term, in 10 years we should be seeing plenty of RISC-V laptops if the consortium gets their shit together

@xnx38h @polarisfm if there's all these red flags then why are you putting so much effort into it when (1) it's not *that* much better than current gen x86 macs and (2) there's other vendors that make cheaper devices without any of the T2 nonsense

Lunch relayed
Lunch relayed

"we have a covid vaccine"

"can we have it?"



"InTeLleCtUaL pRoPeRtY"

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Lunch relayed

reading this right to left honestly makes it funnier imo

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