@toast How long would you need to trick or treat to collect more than $250 worth of candy?

tired: nodes and edges
wired: objects and arrows

Although not that it matters cuz my slow ass flatmate is in the shower already.

I forgot to plug my phone in before I went to bed and it died overnight. But my brain cleverly noticed "hey it's a little too bright out, shouldn't your alarm have gone off by now?" and I woke up automagically only 6 mins late. Which I think is pretty great.

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@haskal interns where you're at have 401ks? I have no benefits of any kind, unless you count "flexible work schedule" as a benefit I guess.

@Mikoto go look at the Matrix data structures, particularly how redactions work. I's highly coupled to the fact that data is usually represented as JSON so it's a kinda complicated to work with it in static languages.

So apparently in Go, `foo.(type)` isn't actually an expression. It's just part of the "switch on type" syntax. 😡

@monorail this probably happens more often than you think

@sjw @toast @sjw@skippers-bin.com @Mikoto I don't personally, not sure why it looks like that.

Is there a very-low power variant of Arduino that doesn't have LEDs on it so I don't have to desolder them myself?

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@toast @Mikoto I still thinl it's fundamentally flawed as modules and packages aren't orthogonal concepts. Your package paths *always* have the module as a prefix and are still coupled to how you VCS your code, even if it's less so now.

@haskal my ASUS router shipped with (a variant of) , which is cool as fuck

@toast @Mikoto @sjw@skippers-bin.com Go has so many arbitrary and overly opinionated design decisions it makes it an absolute pain to write in when coming from languages with more expressive type systems. And everything to do with dependencies is a nightmare.

@haskal the vps my website runs off of is almost at 1 year

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