reposting this old meme because I've been mad about it lately would be kinda cool if chrome was used as a runtime, like each thing would work with this singular chrome and everything branched off of that.
or used something other than chrome.. yeah using something more basic and less ram-intensive would be cool.
this app called zello which is a walkie-talkie/messaging app, when minimized it only takes like 3MB of ram
why can't everything be like zello

@jessica just, qt or gtk pls

like you don't even have to package it for different platforms yourself, just give me the code I'll do it

@jessica @lunch There are lighter alternatives to Electron, such as NeutralinoJS and Tauri:

Unfortunately they're not widely used. But they should be. Also add to the fact that Electron is not libre as well. even QT, known for being slow, is still many times more efficient

@jessica @lunch Definitely. Native programs may be harder to develop, but they're 100 times more efficient and takes less resources. If I forget that it's nonfree to begin with maybe I'll put up with it for some program I use once a year, but running a web browser just to use a text editor for example, is an overkill. Why in the world would I want to run a web browser for each program? RAM is not unlimited.

@Aistyrgue @lunch waiting for the fully fledged shadow attempt at making a browser based on the leaked presto 12.15 source code

@esi @lunch Discord and Slack logos are different now. Riot changed its logo and was renamed to Element. Twitch killed off its Curse-acquired chat app. Gitter was acquired by GitLab and then sold again to Vector, owners of Element, to be killed off.

@lunch waiting for the time everything comes back around and thwy make a browser in Electron.
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