sad to think that there's probably a nonzero number of people out there whose usual workflow includes using the desktop versions of:

* Discord
* Slack
* Spotify
* VS Code
* GitHub desktop
* some other electron app they use/make at work
* aaand an actual normal web browser

I can only imagine how slow their computer must be having to constantly swap to disk

@lunch says the person who leaves open 10k Firefox tabs

@caseyp at least it's firefox and not something heavier

also I've been getting better

@lunch I used to use desktop Discord. [Then I stopped using Discord.]

@lunch there are worse things in corporate IT than functional electron apps, honestly.

Did you know: some Web apps here have a ttfb / page load times of 30s + and that's normal and fine?

@c24h29clo4 I'm getting flashbacks now to confluence at my old job

@Patashu The first three (if you have to use them for external reasons) all have "traditional" web versions so you can use them in Firefox.

VS Code (and Atom for that matter) is evil and you can use Emacs or Vim, there's little reason you would be locked into it. They work better anyways.

GitHub desktop is completely unnecessary, there's numerous other guis that exist and learning the cli is actually much less daunting than it sounds. Look up "git from the inside out".

@lunch @Patashu I specifically use the desktop version of Discord because it is not beholden to keeping firefox open. meaning I can close FF for whatever reason, and keep my chats active. I still need to reinstall my IRC client (Hexchat), but I keep a Terminal Chat window (MUCK) and Discord on a side screen while browsering or gaming or documenting on the main display. it means I can at-a-glance for new messages without tabbing out of a game

@lunch @Patashu
By not running maxed windows, i can layer up to four windows on a 4:3 ratio monitor so that I can glance all of them for activity alerts

@westofer do people really not know you can use github without their special program?

Never knew they had one
(Atleast not in GNU/Linux)
Emacs + Magit ftw

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