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stillll neeeed tooooo piiiick alternativeeeee

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Ticketmaster is destroying live music. Their scam fees now cost as much as 78% of a ticket. They control the events, the venues, even the artists. There’s a movement pushing the Justice Department to take on their monopoly. Cory Doctorow breaks it down.

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+++ BREAKING +++
Scientist Rebellion interrupts the opening of the World Health Summit (#WHS2022) in Berlin, Germany.

Over 50 scientists demand immediate national & international action to limit the escalating climate crisis.



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It's not working, whatever it is 😁

Facebook/Meta has lost two thirds of its value over the past year 🥳

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Posters in solidarity with ongoing #Alabama prison strike hit the walls! The strike has now entered its third week, despite ongoing attempts by prison officials and guards to crush it. #ShutDownADOC2022

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Windows 10 is an *unbelievably* fucking horrid piece of shit.

The built-in anti-malware bullshit recognizes any anti-DRM as malware and deletes/quarantines associated files *without ANY user consent*.

You can deactivate this service, but the fucking thing just keeps reactivating itself.

This """OS""" is so goddamn aggravating I want to go out and punch every MS representative in the fucking balls.

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Domain squatter is a bad term.

Real life squatters are taking something held out of use and returning it to use. That's pretty cool.

What we call "domain squatters" are really "domain speculators."

Speculators in real life hold things away from use to try to extract value from people who want to make good use of it. They're bad and should be eliminated.

This is what domain speculators do. They are also bad and should similarly be eliminated.

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protesting a transphobe 

the local toilet paper usa group is having matt walsh do a speaker event here and the queer org is trying to find out what exactly we should do about it.
uni policy has always been that orgs can have anyone they want over, and "disrupting" the event itself can get you academic citations. which we would like to avoid if possible so we can get more people to agree to it.
the initial plan was to grab up all the tickets so it would be empty but they have a provision anticipating that. i don't really have any experience doing this kind of thing so any tips would be appreciated

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"For example, people in Iran are not able to sign up for new accounts on Signal because the standard sign-up process includes receiving a verification code via SMS, which isn’t feasible for many right now. Therefore, simply stopping SMS messages, or blocking Twitter, become effective ways to control the prevalence of Signal usage."

#Signal #Iran

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UK petition: Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government

Can sign:
- UK citizen
- UK resident

Petition tracker graph: (Several hundred thousand signatures in the last 3 days!)

[ #UK #petition ]

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Microsoft Edge is officially spyware now. I assume nobody here is using it, but remember to actively switch friends and family off of it, given it now tracks literally everywhere you go on the internet, supplying that data to Microsoft and Cloudflare, companies with deep ties to sketchy US agencies.

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I value our democracy and its democratic processes too much to let any calls for #onlinevoting lie unchallenged. It makes me extremely angry to see people with little technical credibility expending their political capital promoting such a daft policy initiative. Places in the world misguided enough to use online voting demonstrate it also offers no hope to those desperate to improve voter engagement and numbers. It's an invalid solution to the wrong problem in democracies.

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feelin some real "workers should own the means of production" vibes at my white collar software dev job trying to work with project managers from our client

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🎉 D-1️⃣ 🎉 Tomorrow, 27 Sept, marks another milestone in our journey behind the 🧱 copyright bricks 🧱 with the release of #WalledCulture - the book by @glynmoody. A must read if you care about access to culture or knowledge, and the Internet

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Computer, ARM history 

The ARM chip was also designed to run at very low power. [Sophie] Wilson explained that this was entirely a cost-saving measure—the team wanted to use a plastic case for the chip instead of a ceramic one, so they set a maximum target of 1 watt of power usage.

But the tools they had for estimating power were primitive. To make sure they didn’t go over the limit and melt the plastic, they were very conservative with every design detail. Because of the simplicity of the design and the low clock rate, the actual power draw ended up at 0.1 watts.

In fact, one of the first test boards the team plugged the ARM into had a broken connection and was not attached to any power at all. It was a big surprise when they found the fault because the CPU had been working the whole time. It had turned on just from electrical leakage coming from the support chips.

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reminder that "I don't care about cookies" was purchased by Avast and you should remove it before they sell your personal information.
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