I adore seeing so many people working on so many projects that fall into the broad category of "nobody does that because it's too complicated to approach anymore and it'll never work anyway"

People designing new hardware architectures and operating systems and browser engines and networks and community spaces, y'all feed me and I'm always hungry.

Keep up the great yet popularly futile work.



@djsundog I got frustrated trying to boot NetBSD on my TT030 so I started writing my own FCode interpreter which will eventually be an OpenBoot-esque cartridge

@drwho @djsundog Now if I can figure out how to make the compiler spit out a binary cartridge image I can burn onto an EPROM (should just need to tell it to start the code section in ROM...)

I installed FreeBSD on my Sun Ultra 60 since OpenBSD doesn't support creator(4) so X is useless

Quick Q: How can I tell it to use the defaults in all these TUI setup configuration screens when I start building a port and it pulls in lots of other ports? I want to build python3 and just go away for a few hours.

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