Just waiting on a SCSI2SD and a 256MB RAM expansion I found right after I bought the 16MB one and we’re all set

I also got a cartridge prototyping adapter coming that will let me hook the TT up to my FPGA board :O

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@luigithirty Next you'll want to get an ECL to VGA converter to be able to run TT high resolution on your display, like this one: shop.inventronik.de/index.php?

Not every monitor likes the slightly off-standard timing though, on some you'll get heavy moiree or positioning problems, like in this example from my old TFT with that adapter: mastodon.infra.de/@galaxis/101

@galaxis for $45 it’s worth a try on my monitor

I didn’t know there was enough of an install base to manufacture TT-High adapters

@luigithirty There's been several after Tenox came up with TenoxVGA, tenoxvga.tenox.net/
I think those were around $120 though.
Not sure about shipping costs to the US when ordering from Inventronik.

@lroop Very hard! I ordered mine from Sweden. It's got a Swedish keyboard and TOS - not much of an issue since my desktop replacement is in English.

@luigithirty I never really liked the ST series when I was younger, being totally pampered by my Amiga. But these days, the ST and TT series are looking very attractive as hobby platforms because of their simplicity and relatively adaptable architectures.

Congrats on the TT acquisition and hope you derive much enjoyment from it!

@vertigo I love the ST series, even if it doesn't get as much love as the Amiga does. The TT is a blazing fast machine and I'm going to have lots of hardware and software fun with it!

@vertigo Not sure if you've seen this but someone got Quake 2 levels rendering on the Falcon's DSP a while back. Nothing playable, just a renderer, but holy shit! youtube.com/watch?v=dOXrGj9AKm

@luigithirty That is pretty nice. The DSP ran 2x the clock frequency of the main CPU, but was also RISC as I recall, so that would give an estimated performance boost of about 8x over the '030. That's like having a 128MHz 68030 or a 64MHz 68040 on deck. :)

@vertigo @luigithirty The DSP was really the crown jewel of the Falcon. I used my Falcon with an early CD burner (that thing was $$$) to make "mixtape" CDs for my friends, which completely blew them away. There was a tool I could use to sample from tape and then filter out the noise with the DSP in realtime. For 1993 that was mindblowing.

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