folks I WROTE MY OWN ASSEMBLER FOR MY OWN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE FOR MY OWN CPU sorry it just hit me how awesome that is

@luigithirty it is awesome! Writing an assembler is fun. Whats the cpu like?

@big_chip It's mostly a 6502 at this point. I want to expand it with more abilities.

@luigithirty I would like to see specs, and of course, a resulting machine (:

@Truck my computer’s packed up at the moment, but here’s what the FPGA design looks like atm:

16MHz design speed
16-bit address space, 6502-like architecture (A, X, Y registers plus 16-bit stack register)
1KB of RAM, 4KB of ROM (containing a monitor)
9600bps RS-232 compatible UART
320x200 composite video display

@luigithirty hmm, a monitor? (:

woz style ( apple ][ ) or C64 style (with scrolling, like on the final cartridge III ) or perhaps something more modern?

composite: so not NTSC or PAL limited.

Nonetheless sounds awesome and yes, writing an assembler for your own computer is awesome.

@Truck it’s Apple II style because I don’t have the memory to do anything else. The FPGA only has 16K of memory cells and I have a character ROM, tile memory, RAM, program ROM...

@Truck my monitor is tiny so I have room to do other things.

@luigithirty that works (:

After all, the Final Cartridge version... is on a _cartridge_ (:

@Truck Hey, once the TinyFPGA EX comes out I’ve got a box full of little cards with edge connectors to make into cartridges!

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