Working on my own 8-bit CPU on my FPGA. So far I can load and store to A, X, and Y registers and a memory address!

That's it so far.

@luigithirty based on those register names: is the CPU going to be 6800-esque?


Is it going to be 6502-like, Z80-like? Or, is this 100% "from scratch" you decide which instructions you want and which you don't?

A, X, and Y registers makes me think you're going the 6502-like route.

@profoundlynerdy 6502 like but not tied to the specific architecture. I’m making a toy project and didn’t want to get bogged down in trying to emulate an existing system, especially since it’s an 8 bit system where I wouldn’t need more than an assembler written in Python anyway.

@luigithirty That's really cool.

Is this on GitHub somewhere? You've got a really cool project on your hands.

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