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my dos game is a hybrid of Tetris and breakout and it’s also a visual novel

So far the Tetris works, I started writing a scripting engine for the visual novel, and I haven’t started on the breakout yet

target is a 386 with 4 megs of RAM

Sachiel died 24 years ago today so I’m wearing my Sachiel shirt at work today

I can’t write original ideas for shit lately but I can crank out ideas for plot advancement in my Star Trek tabletop game like it’s nobody’s business


I’ve been up to writing DOS games again

this time I’m working on a tetris/breakout hybrid that’s also a queer visual novel???

I got the INMOS toolkit installed as well so I can write my own transputer programs

More beauty shots

It’s a 486 luggable that looks like it’s meant to be rack mounted, configured as an ISDN signaling monitor station

It has SEVEN T425 TRANSPUTERS inside to handle the monitoring which is some heavy power for the mid 1990s

Other than that it’s a regular 486DX/2 with 8 megs of RAM, a built in TFT screen (pretty good quality too), and a 1.2 gig hard drive with Windows 3.1

My A2286 only has 1 meg of RAM. I want an ISA memory expansion card but they're kinda expensive. I could pick up one of those 2MB EMS expansion cards for $60 which would give me 640KB of conventional, 2MB of EMS and *384KB* of XMS I guess... might make Windows 3.1 run better.

C128 update: yessssss

I added support for the "!" word which sets a variable to a value on the stack. Now I have my first working item script: the Potion sets party member 1's health to 69. (I don't have actual targeting for items yet, that comes next.)

Hooray Forth!

folks I signed up for line and sent all my friends endless amounts of anime stickers

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