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Picard spoilers 

I got my RC2014 and assembled the CPU board

now I just need to build the clock, ROM, RAM, and serial ports

I got HP-UX installed and the Visualize video card going on the C3700!

I named the computer monokuma because HP-UX is a complete bastard operating system

Oh cool. This 73 gig hard drive I bought is an evaluation unit with 1500 hours on it despite being made in 2001

Hell yeah, this thing will last forever

@bcallah you wrote a patch for this in April I found on the mailing list that never got merged...

I got emacs going, don’t have my video card yet so no xfce

I’m working on implementing lcd(4) as a character special like lunam88k’s driver atm so I can make the computer say trans rights more easily

I was able to find workarounds for the busted hppa packages on OpenBSD (gnutls and cmake particularly) that got them to build

They just need -latomic in their Makefile to use its function instead of a nonexistent intrinsic

I should send in a patch for that and the other packages I had to rejigger to build on hppa

Also rebuilt my OpenBSD kernel with a better string in the hppa front panel LCD device

i386 OS has raster operations in SVGA now. Need to hook up the blitter to perform them instead of doing them with the CPU.

the HP is building an openbsd-current userland so I'm working on my i386 OS

I'm still proud of baby's first driver model

Got some cool stuff from my friend who went to Japan!

4 volumes of Azumanga Daioh, an adorable Evangelion memo pad, a calligraphy pad, and a signed copy of the TTL Cookbook!

I need to hack the hppa lcd driver so I can send it text to put on the little screen on the HP C3700

Bought an HP Visualize video card off eBay along with enough RAM to max out the workstation, hell yeah

I need to figure out what kind of sled I need for it too

The good news is the HP C3700 arrived

The bad news is it has no video card lol

So I bought an HP Visualize video card off eBay and threw OpenBSD on the hard drive (it was empty) since it can run off a serial console

I’ll install HP-UX once I have a video card

my HP C3700 workstation arrives tomorrow!!! i'm so excited to experience HP-UX

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