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Negatives: I didn’t figure out how to set up polygon shading commands in the N64 RDP

Positives: I figured out this is in E major and how to play the melody line?

Oh hell yeah, now the triangles can be any 32bpp color! The blender works now.

(I looked at the MAME source and figured out what the blender modes do since the manual kinda sucks.)

N64 engine coming along now that I know how to draw TRIANGLES. This square is two triangles!

They all seem to be stuck at one color (black) though. Need to figure out how the color blending works.

I hooked up some controls, too. Moving the stick changes the view origin.

Today’s goal: go to the bank and get some quarters so I can do laundry

Reality: it’s 1pm and I’m in bed still

N64 update: it turns out that I had the RDP pipeline in the wrong mode

I now have a single triangle (with corrupt colors) spinning endlessly on my monitor

Is there something like R that doesn’t require a grad student to operate

I need to test my line formulas here

Good news: I've figured out my screwed up N64 triangle calculations!

Bad news: I need to figure out how to extend a triangle's edge along a slope until it intersects the previous scanline (so one unit lower than the integer value for Y), then retrieve the X coordinate that I calculate.

I am having nightmares of 8th grade geometry class.

wtf how trans girls have no chest hair

how I get rid of chest hair

@notwa after nine years in development, my 64drive was worth the wait

After wrestling with the MIPS CPU cache, hooked up debug output over USB that doesn’t require the N64 OS to be present in the cartridge.

Köpte en Atari TT från en svensk Atari-hackare idag yaaaaay

I don’t have stdio yet but I redirected my printf function to the SVGA console when it’s active. It’ll work a lot better once I have hardware blits up and running and once I stop having it redraw the entire screen when a character appears.

J ust bought a Scrivener license so I’m the opposite of what a professional writer is as I have made negative money writing

I mean I write garbage Trek fanfic fluff for an RPG so

holy shit my file open, file read, and file length functions work

They only work for drive A but AAAAAAAA

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