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Florp if you can hear the gators going OW

boost if you set a daily high score

Indexed loads and addition work on my CPU! Yay

Here is my spreadsheet of opcodes so far. I think the next step is add/subtract and by extension compares.

so I got a job in Chicago as of next month and I’m SO NERVOUS

I’ve never lived anywhere but with my shitty parents in Florida

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I whipped up a little assembler for my five supported functions so far. Now I can write lengthier programs up to 1KB!

Here it is running on my monitor and on my PVM. Doesn’t quite fit on the CRT.

Still need to figure out why there’s a letter missing from my name!

CPU update: I hooked my tilemap module up to the address bus and now I can put things on the screen!

Working on my own 8-bit CPU on my FPGA. So far I can load and store to A, X, and Y registers and a memory address!

That's it so far.

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"A simple LM3915 based VU meter" by Mohit Bhoite.

This guy's site is full of beautiful free form electronics.

goals: belinda carlisle circa 1987

reality: philip oakey circa 1983

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#Debian 10 (unstable) running on an #Atari Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

my risc processor can now load and store

what else does it need really

I just learned the source of bee cute furry face


@notwa well the 64drive guy says he has a huge backlog which explains why I never got anything...

FPGA stuff is distracting me from n64 stuff but I will get back to my open source microcode when/if my cartridge arrives

I have a 5V FTDI cable and a 3.3V device.

So for cable TX to device RX, I need to go from 5V to 3.3V for one wire. No problem with some resistors?

And for device TX to cable RX, its sheet says the input threshold is 1.2V? Does that mean I can drive the cable with my 3.3V TX?

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