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TMS340 status:

it's the DRAM control lines that are going to be tough since I need to use a bit of the address to select VRAM or DRAM, and gate the DRAM control signals appropriately? I THINK?

the address and data busses just get propagated to all RAMs? I THINK?

here's 256 kilowords of 16-bit DRAM.

i think.

i really wish i had a nonzero knowledge base here

This weekend I'm going to try to figure out how to demux the TMS34010 local memory interface I guess?

I don't know how I'm going to figure out if I've got it right since I... won't have a program to test that with, since, you know, no memory

TMS34010 GSP

let’s go! waiting on protoboard to arrive. Also need to design the VRAM decoding which uhhh hoo that’s gonna be the hard part

note: I haven’t successfully built a CPU board myself ever so this will be fun

Fortunately it’s all self-contained so I really just need to work out memory decoding logic

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Also I ordered a bunch of parts for a TMS34010 RC2014 card so I’m working on getting intimately familiar with DRAM interfacing this month

My Z80 OS has been proceeding well

I have my own ROM monitor for RC2014+SIO2 and am working on a DOS now

It has FAT16 support and everything

I can’t believe I got the lcd0 cdev working in obsd/hppa. I wrote a quick program to write “Kate is great!” to the LCD.

I need to add LCD_LOCATE to the driver… and have it ignore control codes when figuring out if we have too many characters for the screen to display…

Picard spoilers 

lmao turns out the slow burn RPG story I’ve been planning with my buddy who DMs the game is just the plot to Picard?

my character is an android who doesn’t know she’s an android and the big reveal was coming up soon

I’ve been slow burning it since, like, before any details were announced? I feel silly now lol

I got my RC2014 and assembled the CPU board

now I just need to build the clock, ROM, RAM, and serial ports

I got HP-UX installed and the Visualize video card going on the C3700!

I named the computer monokuma because HP-UX is a complete bastard operating system

Oh cool. This 73 gig hard drive I bought is an evaluation unit with 1500 hours on it despite being made in 2001

Hell yeah, this thing will last forever

@bcallah you wrote a patch for this in April I found on the mailing list that never got merged...

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I got emacs going, don’t have my video card yet so no xfce

I’m working on implementing lcd(4) as a character special like lunam88k’s driver atm so I can make the computer say trans rights more easily

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I was able to find workarounds for the busted hppa packages on OpenBSD (gnutls and cmake particularly) that got them to build

They just need -latomic in their Makefile to use its function instead of a nonexistent intrinsic

I should send in a patch for that and the other packages I had to rejigger to build on hppa

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