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Lots and lots of cleanup and and C++-izing later we have multiple dudes to shoot at.

N64 update: My engine now has animated sprites! Look at that spinning enemy!

arcana: high priestess
rank: MAX

with your help, realized that the only thing stopping her from transitioning was herself and began to live her own life.

megat0nraid@twitter made me an awesome persona 5 style portrait drawing!

I love the way I look now being woman is awesome

@anna I'm in bed atm but can you give me the "literal futaba" role in discord in honor of my n64 exploits

Slight N64 update: Added pixel accurate collision detection for objects in addition to bounding box checks, which lets bullet-ship collisions work much better.

11 display lists at one time!

Ignore the broken texture that’s screwing up character cells in my text string.

The OpenBSD boot process is now convinced that I have a pckbc at 0x60 despite it not doing a damn thing yet.

OpenBSD status: woohoo, I added a skeleton 8042 device to vmm(8)!

I mean, all it does so far is store and receive data on I/O ports 60h and 64h… but hell yeah!!!

I started writing an i8042 device for vmd(8). I can’t seem to get my reads and writes to show up in the device despite using the other devices as an example :/

when I encountered an Ear Puni in Rorona and its attack was Mimi Rollin’ instead of Puni Rollin’ and I groaned I realized I know enough Japanese to understand bad puns and I died irl

I have no idea how practical this is or if they’d even accept it upstream but it’s fun to figure out how to get it working.

...though right now I need to finish getting my VAX hooked up to the public DECnet.

Though it would be *way* more reliable than the current VGA -> TTY driver if I was able to get it working.

Hmmm. I bet I can add a TEXTCONSOLE command to vmctl that connects to vmd and streams monochrome video memory back to the client, interpreting it into a curses screen.

That's sorta how Janus worked on the Amiga, just retrieving text memory and displaying it in a console window. It would wig out pretty easily though...

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to bolt on a front-end to vmd. I know you can run it in an interactive instead of daemonized configuration.

I could add another argument that sets up an ncurses-based interpretation of text mode VRAM to start? I’m not trying to handle graphics modes yet, just text.

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