There are plenty of other subjects to make games about. I can’t imagine the rage that people I know must have for this thing. Online petitions probably don’t make a difference, but fuck it.

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Freedom alone was never enough. For freedom to be worth anything you have to care about people, understand their experiences, know the limits of your own perspective. You have to understand the ways in which people are vulnerable where you are not.
Freedom that doesn't care about other people is simply Ego.

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If you, or somebody you know, are interested in live streaming outside of the existing corporate ecosystems or want to try something new, the #owncast project is going to offer some free instances that we manage for people who don't have the experience or resources to do so themselves. We'll start small, but share this with your friends, family, non-profits, creative organizations or anybody who might want to live stream using Owncast.

For more details:

Had to cancel and reissue my credit card today. Not sure how it got compromised...

Woo, kitty is democracy sausaging. I should do something about the whole citizenship thing.

I played the VR game Stirfire (the company I was Technical Director at) released in 2016 for the first time since we did the final patches to get out on Oculus. I... really like it? We made a game that doesn’t suck! I also played it on our “worst” platform (the PSVR)

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"If [the open source movement] wants to be anything more, it’ll need to embrace a bolder vision for reclaiming the commons. Only then can it reclaim its long-buried emancipatory soul."

What. The. Fuck. This looks suspiciously like the ABC is looking to do a hit piece on the games industry. Cant wait.

Streamers! What reccomendations for lights and cameras for home streaming of talks would you reccomend? (Some head and shoulders and some full body recording, pref. With green screen backgrounds)

Anyone want a PS4 Pro and controller? $300

I don’t disagree that there needs to be a road use tax replacement for electric vehicles, but I’m not 100% sure this is the right mechanism

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I feel some of my own experiences echoed here. Damon has good perception. "Tastemaker" isn't a word I've come across before, but it reflects and sums up something that I find deeply unhealthy about how contemporary culture prioritises discourse over individual taste/experience, particularly for games

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I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in #golang, and you can get it here:

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

How is it I can still recognise the Airwolf theme song!? (I blame The Incomparable for making me realise this)

Went and saw TENET at an actual cinema (something we are lucky to be able to do in perth!) but... the bass level was very very loud (To the point that dialog wasn’t audible over the bass). The cinema (Belmont Reading) said they’d lowered the level...

Farscape Spoilers 

Rewatching Farscape and just got to DNA mad scientist. I wonder how much of Pilot’s story was planned out at this point.

@jplebreton heh, I was just reading the Orz language entry in the Ultronomicon

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Federation is the place people go when they don't want to be part of, or subject to, centrally controlled systems. It is also where people go when they've finally been kicked off those systems. The fediverse isn't inherently progressive, and without robust shared defensive measures - both against centralization and against bad actors -it will go the way of Usenet.

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It's worth being wary of people that go through sudden shifts in their world view.

I suspect a lot of people that seem left-leaning these days are really just radlibs angry about Trump.

When he's not president any more, expect a lot of them to act like everything is fine again.

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