I don't know what ACAB means and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

Thank you for the quick responses.
All cats are indeed, beautiful.

@loki it means All Cats Are Beautiful

(also All Cops Are Bastards)

@loki It's "All Cuties And Beauties", a reflection of the people in my and others' friend circles. <3

@loki A cab? Don't those like, take you places if you give em money?

@loki Assigned Celestial At Birth.

'But what gender are you *really*?' they pester, 'I mean, you know, what *are* you?'

You stare at them with your eight dozen unblinking eyes as your stone halo grinds a wheel of flame behind you, your wings terrible, your voice sonorous and deeper than time itself.

Their question does not compute. They are as insects to you.

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