Kinktober day 1: Preparations 

So, I'm going to try and go along with kinktober (prompt list: with mix of my bat (either sex) and @SilviaFox while using some fineliners I never opened in over a year. They won't be all a sequential story, but some might be related. :D

Day 1 - Preparations: Petra, who has just taken a bath/shower, interrupts Silvia dressing herself by collaring her.

(Silvia is and will be subby as hell. :3 Also I don't know clothes)

Kinktober day 2: Tease 

Day 2 - Tease: Petra whispers sweet, probably lewd nothings into Silvia's ear. Also, that ear gets a nice rub at the same time. She should be well-caressed in general by the time kinktober is over. :3


Like I said before, I don't know clothes so I just did the same thing as yesterday but then drew a spade onto Silvia's tanktop. :P Also I had a difficult time coming up with something for this day.

Kinktober day 3: Beg (genitals) 

Day 3 - Beg: A very needy Princess (@SilviaFox) has been instructed a few days ago she's not allowed to touch herself. By now she's gotten squirmy enough to approach her domme and ask her to have mercy.


Today's prompt was difficult to come up with something for, and then Silvia was a struggle too. She must have had 3 or 4 different poses during sketching. Don't care that I messed up the anatomy.

But hey, I remembered Silvia's wings!

Kinktober day 4: Immobilized (nudity, sex toy) 

Day 4 - Immobilized: @Cynder broke @SilviaFox quite thoroughly a little earlier, and has now brought a few aftercare things to help Silvia recover from everything. Who knows how long until she'll be able to walk again though~


The prompt for today isn't represented as obviously as one might expect. I was planning to do another drawing where my bat was tied up all nice, but this one actually took me until past 23:00...


Kinktober day 5: Obscured 

Day 5 - Obscured: *Flustered, surprised and jittery fen noises~*


Ran into a lack of time with this one, so sorry it's a bit less. For the record I'd be happy to be subjected to the treatment Silvia's getting too~

I'll make better quality photos of these probably after I'm done, and one of these days I'll get into harder stuff with these two. uwu

Kinktober day 6: Exposed 

Day 6 - Exposed: Petra instructs Silvia to take off her shirt, then when Silvia's too reluctant decides to help her undress~ A nice opportunity to take a moment and enjoy the sight too. What a cutie...

"You don't have to be so nervous about it, I'm not mean...but that you are makes it more fun~"


I love blushing characters and drawing them. <3

Q: Bat when are you going to show off some sexy bat?

A: Probably in a day or two.

Kinktober day 7: Implements (nude, sex toy) 

Day 7 - Implements: Petra wants Silvia erect for what she wants to do next. Luckily she has a good tool for the job, and gets to enjoy some cute noises in the process~


I don't know how pleasant this would actually be.

Also I wanted to have one of Silvia's arms around Petra's shoulders too, holding her breast, but this one's a bit less planned and it didn't end up happening. They will be felt up though. >:3

Kinktober day 8: Rough (lewdness) 

Day 8 - Rough: Silvia may not be able to carry people, at least for long, but that doesn't mean Petra can't ride her. >:3


Tried to do this in a angled view from behind Silvia's back (so emphasis on bat tiddy for once :D) but that was frustration and misery so...

Also probably says a lot about me that this is the worst I come up with for "rough", and even then wonder if it's too far. :P

Kinktober day 9: Tender (nudity) 

Day 9 - Tender: Silvia enjoys a nice back massage while Petra enjoys feeling up Silvia.

Making her feel nice and touching her butt in the process~


I don't have much time today, so today's is a touch sloppy. My camera ran out of power too (this is my phone's camera) and I'm going to have to find new batteries for that somewhere... ^-^;

Also I wonder if I'd be as fond of giving people massages as I do in roleplay.

Kinktober day 10: Weightless 

Day 10 - Weightless: @Cynder surprise carries off @SilviaFox easily during a kiss. Who knows where she'll be taken...~ >:3


Had a hard time focusing today, probably thanks to a lack of sleep. Thanks Cynder for helping brainstorm this prompt because I wouldn't have known. ^w^

Interesting how today's drawing can be summarized as "Cynder kisses, grabs and takes Silvia" yet despite that it's not lewd at all. Not at the point shown anyway~ :P

Kinktober day 11: Instruction (frontal nudity) 

Day 11 - Instruction: "Now hold still, my good girl~"

Petra decides to enlist Silvia as a nude model for a drawing. Of course she does this after she made Silvia incredibly needy. As a result she's not keeping the face straight but that's forgiven for the subtle squirming~ >:3


Don't feel too bad for Silvia; Tomorrow's prompt is "reward".

Also FYI Silvia's being drawn on the right page. Don't mind the left.

Kinktober day 12: Reward (lewd~) 

Day 12 - Reward: Petra doesn't just take, she also takes care. There had to be some compensation for all the stuff Silvia's put through. :P


That said though, we're only on day 12, which means there's another 19 days of potential stuff for Silvia to be put through~

Protip: Don't wait until midnight to start drawing. Trust me.

Also funfact: I've forgotten Silvia's collar in half of these and had to draw it in later.

Kinktober day 13: Loki~ [alternate] (nudity, bdsm) 

Day 13: In which the lovely, sassy Loki~ hops all the way from the bed she was tied up on to "help" her domme, who is only getting more flustered.


Thanks to a lack of time and several ideas but none, I ended up finishing an idea from day 7 featuring @loki instead. I don't know if I should return to 13 at some point now...sorry you all.

Incidentally, being sassy like that would be a good way to make me subby as well.


Kinktober day 13: Loki~ [alternate] (nudity, bdsm) 

@TameBat Oh wow! Thank you so much this is hecking *amazing!*

This is also 100% something I'd do heh.
Incidentally were I in your shoes I'd also become subby as heck

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