I have drawn a fremb!
This is Simone, the source of my smug powers.
They're a small demon I befriended some time ago.

btw GIMP is pretty good for pixel art once you get it set up properly!

@loki Out of curiosity, do you happen to remember any of the settings that you set compared to "stock"?

@Whovian9369 and above that the Palette editor (which opens up there when you edit a palette from the list):

@Whovian9369 The other thing I have is a second view so that I can see the pixel art at its normal size *as* I edit.
This sadly does not work in single-windowed mode though

@Whovian9369 Oh! and of course be sure to enable the grid, and make sure it's set to 1px under preferences (under Default Image > Default Grid):

@loki there's an online service called piskel thats pretty good for doing animated sprites I use, but I gotta be honest that looks great too

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl I looked into piskel and it looks good but I really prefer to use stuff that doesn't take internet access where I can

@loki Why aren't you using single window mode? Also, I have a bunch of color palettes used by older systems if you're interested: deviantart.com/theouterlinux/a. I keep adding more to it every so often.

@TheOuterLinux Ooooh thank you for those palettes!
And I'm not using single-window mode because it doesn't support multiple views!

@loki That's what I was afraid of. Mastodon and Tor Browser aren't getting along. This was supposed to be a screenshot of GIMP with an overview at the top left because you can have the normal drawing area and then a tab in one of the panels with an overview of everything and just use that as your multiple views.

@loki Do you have any tips on how to set it properly?

@loki it used to be my go-to for pixel art but I gotta say I really love Aseprite now

GIMP is still my favorite *free* option for pixel art, though.

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