Boost if you're comfortable holding hands with your friends.

@loki A girl I meant recently just held my hand because I was feeling stressed and down saying ""I understand, you need to feel you have an anchor"
And it was very accurate. I needed to feel connected.

BTW : hugs with friends is awesome! And resting on their shoulder/thigh/close to then

@freyja_wildes yes! Precisely.

I'm very affectionate with my friends in general, at least those comfortable with it.

@loki Same. I recently made a bunch of new friends that were like that. And it was a sort of eye opener : "Wait, this kind of friendship exist? That's what I want"

@freyja_wildes @loki I once averted a meltdown at a conference by sitting down next to someone I knew slightly and asking them "will you touch me please". A hand on my wrist was enough.

@irina @loki That is really touching. It's nice to know it can help someone.
I'll be sure to remember that in case I can help someone

@freyja_wildes @loki Just don't do it unless/until they ask you! It was what I needed at the time, and I knew that, but the person had no way to know until I asked them.

@irina @loki Yes of course. But knowing someone *could* ask and being ready to respond appropriately and positively is important

@loki I need to find friends to hold hands with. :<

Or go over to meet them, whatever.

@loki honestly, I wish I were more comfortable with it: to borrow a joke, I come from a culture where folks touch other folks for only three reasons, and one of those is death. Whenever I see folks who don't look like romantic partners holding hands, I get a little sad.

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