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For future ref: If I post it unlisted/public, you're always welcome to boost it. I'd post it on private if it wasn't okay.

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Thank you all for following me, and I hope to bring more goodness to your timelines in future!

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So I made some transbian and Trans WLW symbols!

Here's a ZIP containing all of the images, both with and without borders, and the GIMP XCF template so you can make or adjust them yourself!

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God damn I love tea.

I wanna get like, a thread going of people's favourite teas.

Mine's Rose Congou, what's yours?

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So a little bit more about myself...
I drink tea, a lot of tea. You could even say I'm a bit of an enthusiast, and I'll likely toot my impressions of a new one I try.

Outside of that there's not really much to tell. I'm a Ricing and Linux enthusiast, an amateur developer with a decent chunk of knowledge in BASH and Python, and a long time RPG fan.

I enjoy my fair share of MOBA and Roguelikes too, BOI, Dead Cells, etc.

Here's me, Loki~

In the meantime, I've set up a minecraft instance to play Aether II on.

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Looks like is down so guess who's on their cybre account!

Here I made it into a proper equation.

I don't know why I decided to put actual effort into this.

It's mathematically sound though I can assure you.

The most dangerous kind of griffin is the ferrpie: front half European magpie, back half ferret. No shiny is safe.

Okay! Closing now.
C'yall over on rad town.

A Sheep Introduces Herself 

Hi there! Just a humble #introductions post for y'all.

I'm Loki~! The tilde (~) there is quite important. I'm a trans girl from England.

Follow me if you want to see selfies with a cute girl in them, tea, a heckload of wholesomeness with just a DASH of lewd, and a drizzle of shitposting.

I'm a student and a Barista, I've an interest in tech, and I'm a huge D&D nerd too.

Anyways, here's me!
(left by ht_banana@twitter )
(right by my best friend )

So! I'm moving over to @loki
Please drop me a follow over there!!!!

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Sitting in on my selfies and my co-workers have noticed and commented on the subject said that you're really cute and youre cute

Think I might start a new main.
Not sure which instance tho.

puppy ec 2 

@citrustwee this photographer took a photo at the exact moment they told their dog an internet stranger loves him

markov 🤖 

guess what?
i have a use for it.

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