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For future ref: If I post it unlisted/public, you're always welcome to boost it. I'd post it on private if it wasn't okay.

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Thank you all for following me, and I hope to bring more goodness to your timelines in future!

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So I made some transbian and Trans WLW symbols!

Here's a ZIP containing all of the images, both with and without borders, and the GIMP XCF template so you can make or adjust them yourself!

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God damn I love tea.

I wanna get like, a thread going of people's favourite teas.

Mine's Rose Congou, what's yours?

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So a little bit more about myself...
I drink tea, a lot of tea. You could even say I'm a bit of an enthusiast, and I'll likely toot my impressions of a new one I try.

Outside of that there's not really much to tell. I'm a Ricing and Linux enthusiast, an amateur developer with a decent chunk of knowledge in BASH and Python, and a long time RPG fan.

I enjoy my fair share of MOBA and Roguelikes too, BOI, Dead Cells, etc.

Here's me, Loki~

tfw you hire your local witch to conjure a webbed site out of the aether using unknowable witch magics

thank you Quinn for being the best comics cheerleader (British Quinn not AmeriQuinn. Thank you also AmeriQuinn for being cool and kind and blessing us all w/ selfies)

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Matthew McConaughey is just an older Owen Wilson send toot

what IIRC means: If I Recall Correctly

what i think every time i see it: Internet Internet Relay Chat

I think it'll taste better with normal caramel and maybe coffee.

I will test this theory next week

I took a banana to work just to blend it into a toffee nut frappuccino to make banoffee.
It's fucking incredible.

This is the quietest it has *ever* been this early.

I waaaaannaaaaa cuuuuuuuuuddle the giiiiiiiiiiiirls~~ 🎶

The store has been open for 32 minutes and we have had one (1) customer

1 boost = 1 totally bananas moment from the old star wars books

Apparently three hours wrapped in a towel followed by four hours in bed is *not* enough for my hair to dry.

*attempts to remove sweater, gets stuck, falls to floor, remains there until the end of days*

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