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So I made some transbian and Trans WLW symbols!

Here's a ZIP containing all of the images, both with and without borders, and the GIMP XCF template so you can make or adjust them yourself!

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Sometimes I squint at things in my room suspiciously.

There's not much reason for it, but I want them to know I'm on to them in case they're Mimics.

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God damn I love tea.

I wanna get like, a thread going of people's favourite teas.

Mine's Rose Congou, what's yours?

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So a little bit more about myself...
I drink tea, a lot of tea. You could even say I'm a bit of an enthusiast, and I'll likely toot my impressions of a new one I try.

Outside of that there's not really much to tell. I'm a Ricing and Linux enthusiast, an amateur developer with a decent chunk of knowledge in BASH and Python, and a long time RPG fan.

I enjoy my fair share of MOBA and Roguelikes too, BOI, Dead Cells, etc.

Here's me, Loki~

Yeah, I'm Gay

Yby skeletons please send help

What I look for in a girl:

-has feet
-buzz saw for a hand
-at least ten feet tall
-hovers ominously
-glowing always
-makes me laugh
-rides horses in the moonlight
-is a horse
-loves horses
-not interested in me
-laughter like bells
-can spell “ominously”

That's it, I'm not picky.

Something I need to bear in mind, first and foremost.

fucking sweat leaks out of every pore, i run, but not fast enough. i turn a corner and jump a fence, i know it will buy me some time, but i dont know how much. they may be weak, but theres strength in numbers, and boy do they have numbers. back on my feet again, i know i cant stand still. i look for a way to go, thats when i see them. in every possible direction they're there. the gnomes. gnot a gnelf. gnot a gnoblin. a gnome. and i'm about to be gnomned.

"get you a girl who meows" — unbiased source

Friends! Friends! I just found out!

I am Une Gay!

Yes, that's essentially what I just didn't understand.

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