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I generally had a horrible time in elementary school and middle school. I was constantly bullied. Not a week would go by where I didn't come home with a bruise or get written up for "antagonizing someone". I spent more time in detention than any other student in 7th grade.

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My parents were told by teachers I might be autistic. My mom, a nurse went and had me see a psychiatrist in 2nd grade to determine if I was. Because I was able to "follow commands" I was deemed a stubborn child who just got bored easily. Not autistic according to the professional

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Teachers in elementary school and middle school would write me up for not paying attention because I'd stare out the window while they were talking. I'd be able to verbatim recall exactly what they said and still I'd get in trouble for not looking at them while they taught

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I don't usually make eye contact with people I meet. Unless I make a concious effort to do so, or I deeply trust you. I went through a lot in my childhood because I'm not neurotypical, but here's one story.

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Good luck today everyone! I believe in you!! You got this!


Disabled people fought for decades to install accessible sidewalks in our neighborhoods, only for to decide their profits are more important than disabled people’s lives.


Just watched Eva 3.0+1.0. It was really good!!

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