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Just reinstalled fedora from scratch, waaaay too involved. took literally 5 tries

Ashe is moving to Tallahassee fir a few months to live with Iris. I'm happy she's gonna be safe but I'm also gonna miss her...

Met a really cool person from tinder last night. Was lots of fun

My kink is using greek prefixes with imperial units


Magic the gathering is such a fun game with a good community

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Today was moving day. I laughed at the amount of junk we have, was stressed all day, and then, finally cried over my computer not being able to connect to the internet

I had a dream where I could head pat people through mastodon. Why isn't this a real thing yet?

I've been attemtping to write an x86 kernel, like I do every 6 months or so, and usually I hit a problem somewhere around implementing paging, look over my code and reattempt with more foreknowledge. This time Im getting stuck at the GDT (literally the first thing I implent after vga text) and I have no idea wtf is causing the triple faults.

My two lovely gf's came in from texas (@kinsey and @fairlady) and we got kinsey a new look as a total cutie

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#Debian 10 (unstable) running on an #Atari Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

Legitimate question to my followers who have an armpit fetish: why armpits? I support your kink but have absolutely no idea why you have it

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Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

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