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I got a new wall tapestry!! It has some UV glowing elements in it which are really cool!!

There's a cat that wanders around the neighborhood here, today they decided to friendly and I gave them some water. They kept meowing every time I stopped paying attention to them

Food: it is a cornerstone of almost every culture. Yes you can live off rice and beans, but there's a reason "comfort food" exists. Enjoying what you eat is a huge part of being human

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RT all this 'boil two carrots and rub grease onto it for 25p a meal' shit completely neglects that people actually aren't designed to just eat and work and do nothing else. we're social beings and if none of us can afford to even see each other it will cause untold societal damage


3424867: you deserve a boop and a head pat

94: Best cat I know. Probably in the top percentile of all cats. 10/10 would hug

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23: you're aesthetic. Honestly S tier. Always happy to see what you post

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1954: we don't talk much but I'm always happy to read your tweets!

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MUTUALS ONLY!! drop an emoji and I will write something about you :)

I made Nigiri!
This is my second time making it. I'm getting better I think!!

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