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Back in the hospital today.

I have an obstructed bile duct. They're keeping me overnight. Will probably need more surgery to correct this

Feeling a lot better today. Doing my best to take it easy still

Headed out for surgery now to remove my gallbladder. Wish me luck!

Surgery tomorrow at 8am (EDT)...
Am nervous...

Surgery tomorrow got postponed.
Apparently the hospital had to shutdown the OR's due to their dehumidifiers breaking...
I am not a happy camper

I still have moments of pain, but they're currently manageable, and hopefully the surgery on the 2nd is going to help even more with that.

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I'm definitely not at 100%, but I'm functional. I'm not bed bound or waterlogged anymore to mask pain. Pain can be invisible, but the doctors I saw at the ER barely tried to figure out the root cause.
I could have been spared so much suffering.

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I drove home and was in a state of disbelief. For 2 weeks I had been in massive pain... because my gallbladder was the problem. That night I took advil, and managed to sleep through the night finally.
For the past two weeks Ive felt a lot better

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I asked about the stomach ulcer. He said the ultrasound from the ER showed no ulcer. He was confused as to why the ER doc even suggested it. We scheduled a surgery for Aug 2nd.

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When I got there, the surgeon took one look at my CT and said "your gallbladder is completely filled with stones and is twice as big as it should be. No wonder you're in pain." And suggested removal asap.

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By the time of my appointment, I was able to eat light meals. I had lost 8 lbs in as many days. I was now at the point where the pain was there, but not so bad I needed the vicodin.
I drove myself to the surgeon, still uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as a week prior

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Slowly, the pain got less, but it wasn't quick or complete. I still couldn't sleep or work. I could barely sit upright. My only real relief was taking hot showers or baths. My daily routine was:
Wake, pain meds, shower, gatoraide, sleep a few hours, repeat

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I had to call out of work, I was stuck in bed, maxing out Tylenol dose daily to no help as well as the vicodin they sent me home with. (5mg pills). I could barely eat, and was basically just living off gatoraide for the better part of a week.

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They also referred me to a surgeon because my "gallbladder looked like it had a few stones". I scheduled the appt, earliest was 10 days out. Those 10 days were basically me being in tons of pain constantly.

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Two days later I was back at the ER with even more pain. They finally decided to take a chest CT and ultrasound of my stomach. The doctor said I probably have a stomach ulcer, and reluctantly gave me some pain meds and told me it'll heal on it's own

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