Anyone ever have a dream that lasts way longer in dreamverse than could possibly have lasted in real time?

I had a 5 years long dream last night...
I had a weird awakening

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Adding anime to plex and watching all the metadata fill out is surprisingly cathartic

It wasn't supposed to rain today according to yesterday's forecast. Then this morning, it was supposed to rain, but not till 3am tomorrow. It's currently Thunderstorms and downpour.

Meteorologists really need to step up their game

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Life is doing pretty well, I'm seeing my GF ashe in 20 days. I haven't seen her since January when she moved to Tallahassee. Gonna be fun :3

I was on hackernews today and someone posted this article from 1982 about how Baby Boomers weren't as well off as their parents were. It reads like satire of the current situation:

I got an FDSstick! Can't wait until the ram cart gets in

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I learned a great phrase the other day.

"The best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Right now."

I made turkey soup for dinner since it hasnt stopped raining for days now

Yestersay we had a flash flood warning and the traffic lights went offline. People forget how to drive when this happens and it upsets me

Tl;dr of the past few months:
Lost job. Ashe got kicked out. Ashe was in homeless shelter. She's living with iris now so she's okay. Got new job about 1.5 months ago. Software engineering. Pays well. Getting rid of my debt and then saving up for an apartment. Good times coming finally

Just reinstalled fedora from scratch, waaaay too involved. took literally 5 tries

Ashe is moving to Tallahassee fir a few months to live with Iris. I'm happy she's gonna be safe but I'm also gonna miss her...

Met a really cool person from tinder last night. Was lots of fun

My kink is using greek prefixes with imperial units


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