@ky0ko @bigl0af MiniDiscs were really cool though, seemed to be the only mass market use of it. Also a shame that the RIAA stronghanded sony into making their data MD's a different physical size so you couldn't use them everywhere -- really nerf'd their adoption into the computer space

@ky0ko @bigl0af The problem was their less than optimal write speeds. The original NeXT cube had one (and no HD) and apparently they dropped it simply because it was very slow to write to it

@ky0ko @bigl0af Magneto optical is such a cool format. Shame it never took off

I love turkey but I hate my family's thanksgiving. Pretending to not be trans, dealing with family who think Trump is good, little kids screaming... I'm glad it's over

This is an older laptop (thinkpad t420) so I thought it might be a dead or dyong ethernet port/controller. ...nope. i got gigE connection just fine when I booted into windows 10.
This used to work. The drivers in linux have degraded horribly since I bought this machine. Even my wifi is crippled to slow speeds (2mbps) now. I dont want to get rid of this computer because it works fine for everything else (win10 works fine) but what in the world happened to the driver support in linux?

Was trying to copy a couple gigs of files off my laptop yesterday and decided to plug into ethernet to make it go faster.
The ethernet took 5 mins to establish link.... at 10mbps.
"Bad cable?" so I tried a different cable (known working gigabit). Same shit. After turning off autonegotiation the link failed to work at all and even manually trying to raise the connection with ifup was failing.
I ended up having to reboot my laptop because the network stack got so messed up.

I really don't wan't to go into work tomorrow. I'm not burned out or anything but simultaneously I'm extremely tired.

I slept for 14 hours today and still feel tired

@ky0ko Meshnet also needs "supernodes" that connect to the internet itself (unless you don't want internet access) and the one that exists in NYC has constant speed issues due to lack of them

Anyone ever have a dream that lasts way longer in dreamverse than could possibly have lasted in real time?

I had a 5 years long dream last night...
I had a weird awakening

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Adding anime to plex and watching all the metadata fill out is surprisingly cathartic

It wasn't supposed to rain today according to yesterday's forecast. Then this morning, it was supposed to rain, but not till 3am tomorrow. It's currently Thunderstorms and downpour.

Meteorologists really need to step up their game

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