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okay, here we go! i'm a big, big fan of the classic linear Castlevanias (e.g. not SotN, Simon's Quest or the 3D ones) but it seems like a lot of people in my community haven't beaten any of them, so we're going to do a challenge! here's how it works!


Nerdy moment:
An ATA hooked up to an old AT&T trimline phone. This is connected to my asterisk server. It's super cool to be able to see call setup/teardown on terminal output when doing a dial!

I got a new wall tapestry!! It has some UV glowing elements in it which are really cool!!

There's a cat that wanders around the neighborhood here, today they decided to friendly and I gave them some water. They kept meowing every time I stopped paying attention to them

I made Nigiri!
This is my second time making it. I'm getting better I think!!

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