Nerdy moment:
An ATA hooked up to an old AT&T trimline phone. This is connected to my asterisk server. It's super cool to be able to see call setup/teardown on terminal output when doing a dial!


If any of my mutuals are interested in joining, shoot me a DM! I'll add you to the asterisk server and I'll even help you get set up with an ATA/SIP phone. My end goal is to have "conference call" rooms on this thing like you would on discord, sans discord.

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Also if you have your own SIP system and want to trunk peer, let me know, the idea of a semi-decentralized phone network over SIP is possible! We could even work out an exchange protocol with area codes and prefixes, it'd be cool!!

@lithiumsulfate I have a rotary phone that would be really fun to do this with

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