Goodnight to one and all. You are lovely souls and I wish you rest and relaxation

LRT: ashe, Iris and I went to play minigolf today, it was really fun!


We sell weighted blankets for fallen angels. Heavy and layered in feathers, they simulate sleeping under a folded wing


Just watched the extended cut of Super Mario Bros. Movie (1993), gotta say, better than the theatrical cut


cn crowd funding

i sincerely dislike having to ask for help

if you have time to either boost or aid me, I'd greatly appreciate it

my cash app is $PriestessoftheFae

thank you for reading


If you have someone you love, tell them how much they mean to you. How much you care about them. Cherish them and remind them often.


We're frequently told that Americans drive so much because US cities were built differently, or later, or something, compared to cities elsewhere.

Actually we drive so much because we systematically decimated neighborhoods that were walkable & replaced them with freeways.


Goodnight everyone. May your dreams be sweet, your nights restful and your days easy and free from conflict.

Worth mentioning: the second photo was actually taken almost 2 feet further back from the subject. Phones have a horrible crop factor

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Just picked up some Polaroid 600 film, first test shot reminded me why I love the aesthetic of analog film so much (second picture was taken by my phone for comparison)


let the people you love know you love them, idk if thats good advice but i wanna believe it is so i try to


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