Have you taken time today to take care of yourself yet?
It's okay if you haven't. Consider this a gentle reminder.
Relax a little, you deserve it 💛

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don’t ever wish i was cis, i just sometimes yearn for a childhood that i can actually remember beyond a severely fragmented series of flashbacks

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Echo Night is out now for streaming on soundcloud & bandcamp , available on spotify and youtube for streaming soon, enjoy!

soundcloud: soundcloud.com/flyingsquares/s

bandcamp: flyingsquares.bandcamp.com/alb

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i dont wanna be a programmer anymore, i want to be a girl in a fancy dress hand routing wires and cables for railway signaling displays while some smooth jazz plays in the background

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Capturing the airwaves on a $30 Amazon Yagi (it came with a preamp and 40 feet of coax!)

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Discontinuing a trans person's HRT because they're overdue for an annual appointment rather than just emailing them a reminder is medical transphobia.

HRT meds are not meds we can just stop taking, and that drs have the audacity to do it anyway is some privileged cis BS.

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I don't really have a point to sum this up but I just needed to tell this story.

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Mostly of all, I wish I had figured out I'm not neurotypical earlier in my life. I didn't really have an opportunity to confront it until I was 22.

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Looking back I wish I drew more. Learned to play the piano, made more friendships (I don't have a single friend that I still do from k-12)
I wish I was given the tools to succeed in elementary school.
I wish a lot of things

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I often wonder what would have happened if I didn't go to catholic high school. If I was allowed to express myself properly. My entire high school life was wearing one mask or another. College was a disaster due to a breakdown of personality.

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I was no longer the wide eyed 13 year old with boundless creativity. I was a 17 year old cynic with a rebellious nature. My attitue towards life had become jaded, only existing to try to break out of the conformity my younger self clung to as a crutch.

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I pretended to be someone I wasn't. That personality began to really start to crack in 11th grade when I found a group of friends who let me be me again, even temporarily. By the time I was a senior I had recovered, mostly but the damage ran deep.

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I learned to be a model student. I forgot how to draw. How to be a kid. I literally wore a suit to school every day! I also had no friends that I knew at this school. My entire 9th grade I barely remeber doing anything. It was a total blur of a year.

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That scared the everloving crap out of me. I spent most of 9th grade being a mouse. I would go to school, take notes, come home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed. Rinse and repeat.
My grades went from low B's to A's because I never took my nose out of a textbook

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But then I got suspended for the second time. My parents decided to made me go to a catholic school to "set me on the straight and narrow" my dad said if I got even a single detention, he'd send me off to military school.

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