You know what I want? A Modern NeWS style window server (web apps don't count)

My dad has been reduced to three day a week schedule (12 hour shifts) and today is his off day before they start. He's decided to break quarantine, go to home depot for mulch, and do a buncha gardening....

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Animal Crossing New Horizons has been so relaxing. I'm so glad I decided to pick up a copy

Goodnight fedi *grabs weighted blanket and falls to sleep*

Netbsd 9.0 doesn't have lots of binary packages for the x86 branch as of right now and this makes me sad

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Gonna have to install something other than twm though... lol

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Putting NetBSD on it because:
Debian stable barely boots on it and takes 20 minutes to get a login prompt (no working X)
Freebsd works, but their naive xorg conf only gets me 640x480 and crashes 50% of boots

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Me, exhausted: "Germany you can't just call everything with crushed tomatoes "ketchup"."

Germany, pointing at a jar of pasta sauce: "Noodle ketchup."

Work is throwing out this beauty so I adopted it. 512 mb ram but can hold more, probably gonna max it out when I get it home

Half asleep rn. This week is gonna be taxing. I can feel it

DST always gets to me. The waking up an hour earlier makes me feel sloggish all day and it's gonna take about a week to get used to it

A bug I've been trying to diagnose turned out to be a hardware issue on our sbc and I'm really happy lol

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