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my one addiction is being praised and complimented and frankly i think it's an addiction that deserves to be indulged

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Goodnight everyone, I hope tomorrow brings good things

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sure sex is great but have you ever encouraged your girlfriend's special interest because you're madly in love with her and seeing her light up about that thing she's into makes your heart sing?

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Good luck with your weeks everyone!!!! I'll be sending you all good energy ❤

Pioneer Dual Cassette Manual has a cute little mascot to show you how to handle tapes

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I really don't like portal 2 because it felt like a bunch of fiddly busywork while comedians read jokes at me

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CD players skipped during large physical jolts was because there was no technology that could store even a small part of the CD in a memory buffer. CDs were bigger than hard drives, you couldn't just buy a chip to hold enough data to wait for the laser to start reading again.

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Whoever is reading this, y’all are fantastic. If anyone ever needs to talk, I will always be happy to lend an ear! 🦝

Whatever you are going through, you WILL get through it. You are strong. You are worth it. You got this. 🙌

Hugs and love to y'all. ❤️🤗

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