Hey everyone, if you're 18+, you should help my girlfriend out and subscribe to her JustFoFans (justfor.fans/LewdieFoxy) and follow her at @LewdieFoxy@twitter.com She could really use the support! If you can't subscribe please RT if you can

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I've upped my subscription price back up to $10

I wanted to keep it lower since I'm new. But I just was alerted of the ability to donate to charity via JFF.

I have no subs, but if you subscribe at JustFor.fans/LewdieFoxy AT LEAST 50% goes to Black Lives Matter!

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If you have the money to help you really should donate to this gofundme. It's an amazing priject by amazing people helping trans people in need!

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We have started a GoFundMe!
Check it out, help us expand our housing and get more people up to our trans haven. We need to grow, theres alot of folks in need. Help us reach our goal!

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Allie relayed

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Nancy Pelosi is trying to give Donald Trump more police power. She's right now pushing to reauthorize the Patriot Act to give him more police and surveillance power. RIGHT NOW.

This is completely unacceptable. sirota.substack.com/p/10-thing

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Hey everyone! if you like lewd stuff you should follow my bestie @LewdieFoxy@twitter.com (and maybe also follow her JFF account)

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Yeeee~ I've just been verified!

If you feel like subbing and helping support me in a big way, while supporting your own naughty needs, head to my ~ ^///^ JustFor.fans/LewdieFoxy

I am new and open to tips/criticism or suggestions for all things (pricing, requests, etc)! 💕💖

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I hope everyone is doing okay today. If you're having troubles my DM's are always open and I want you to know you never have to be afraid to reach out

All the games and systems appear to be fine btw, Since it's kerosene and not water, there wont be any issues with water damage.

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