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messaged someone in Eve about relatively covert ops from my alt on accident

*social anxiety intensifies*

Finally got my rhetorical analyses done yesterday. A slight modicum of relief. Wish I didn't hate (academic) writing so much, especially as a rhetoric/writing MA lol. Oh well. It was the biggest part of my project, since I did the "making it bigger than it needs to be" thing.

But I suppose a year of hearing "make it more rhetorical" without being told why it wasn't rhetorical didn't help my confidence on getting, uh, rhetorical. Glad I changed advisors, but still.

Tired. Four years for an MA is too long.

*Cool youth pastor voice* hey kids, no sermon today, I got arrested for skateboarding. . . PSYCH! But you know who did run afoul of local authorities for radical tricks that shouldn't be a crime?

"oh boy I hope I can finish my rhetorical analyses today so I can get onto something different in my master's project...oooh let's build websites"

-me, every day for the past two weeks

I just realized I've been using a lockpick as a bookmark for Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation and it feels really appropriate

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