When I think back to my school days, it just feels like a huge waste of time.

Sure, we've been taught a ton of things during that time, but imagine how much more you could have learnt with the right support... with someone who would actually listen to _your_ questions, instead of just going through the subject materials? What if someone actually fostered your personal interests and talents?

Of course that wouldn't scale, but with kids being so eager for knowledge, it just feels like lost time.

my husband asked me a very important question last night, and felt the fediverse should think about it too.

who has the better smile: brad pitt, or a flamingo?

researching best practices in non-federal security awareness training is frustrating because there's never a definitive answer to anything

it's all just a sales pitch at the end of the day jfc

man the sisi test was amazing, never seen a Titan before...or shot one for that matter :')

realizing you didn't have a specific audience in mind after writing 30+ pages, and then having to revise it all in two days is a nightmare

at least I've learned this at the end of my graduate school career, and not at the beginning when I had way more time to learn and grow and fix things 😢

rip me

Neverwinter is a pretty fun game, wasn't expecting much but it has a lot of charm and is actually pretty exciting combat-wise. Plus it has the whole Neverwinter Nights nostalgia... *And* I'm a cleric who gets to wear mail in an MMO. Finally.

beeped at a guy because he had two car lengths in front of him and I had to turn to get my husband to work, so he put his car in park in congested traffic (we had been sitting in line for literally 15+ minutes) just to prevent me from turning this morning

how's everyone else's morning going?

lonely posting 

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