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Oh, wow, Tom Lehrer has released all of his songs into the public domain. Apparently also his website will shut down "at some date in the not too distant future" so now's a good time to download directly.

"In short, I no longer retain any rights to any of my songs.
So help yourselves, and don’t send me any money."

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WordHack Feat.
🌍 Claire Donato
🌎 Bomani McClendon
🌍 Theadora Walsh

all · ages · welcome

#world #hack #word #hack
#sry #todd

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The difference between a feminist hackerspace and "your" hackerspaces is that we believe no hacking performance is worth triggering a panic attack, even for only 1 person in the audience.

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Hi from Radical Networks front desk! Now: Low Tech Magazine about a low tech website. 👌

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hey everyone else who is running #MirageOS unikernels on AWS -- today is a good day to move them to another cloud behemoth!


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